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Connect once. Reach anything.

The nature of enterprise integration has changed. Modern companies increasingly need to integrate a diverse ecosystem of external systems, including customers, suppliers, partners, 3rd party data sources and devices, as well as internal systems, such as cloud and on-premises applications and data warehouses.

Connecting systems that are owned and hosted by parties outside the enterprise, in particular, strains existing integration tools and approaches and most of them are failing. According to a study by IDC, only 52% of integration projects are delivered successfully on time and on budget.1

OpenText™ Trading Grid™ helps manage this complexity by combining a modern, unified integration platform with a managed service delivery model to provide both the technical capabilities and specialist skills needed to get the job done. Trading Grid builds on decades of OpenText expertise in connecting external B2B operations while adding modern data and application integration technologies for a true business-to-anything integration capability using a single, modern cloud platform. Connect once. Reach anything.

Drive data integration with managed services

Aberdeen report on unified data integration discusses how companies can harness the full value of their data

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OpenText Trading Grid overview

As the leading cloud integration services provider, OpenText Trading Grid, the industry’s only unified integration platform delivered as a managed service, provides access to a broad range of integration and partner enablement options. Trading Grid can manage all integration needs to quickly and securely meet business goals, without incremental investment in hardware, software and personnel.

Power of the network

Leverages a network of 1.2 million companies and hundreds of connected applications to lower integration costs and accelerate time to value.

Technology-enabled managed services

Reduces integration costs by leveraging OpenText expertise while also empowering users with extensive self-service features, including mapping, partner onboarding and support. Increases quality and speed with intelligent task automation.

Single unified platform

Supports complex integration needs and business demands with a single solution to increase process automation and improve governance. Speed and reuse with a modern, micro-services cloud platform.

Enabling API (and everything else) economy

Handles growing integration complexity and demands for speed by embracing both old and new forms of integration for optimal solution design. Get flexibility and programmability with an extensive API service library.

Purchase-to-Pay transaction lifecycle diagram

Connect. Optimize. Grow. With Trading Grid, OpenText customers can successfully connect people, systems and things, optimize productivity, and grow their business.

OpenText Trading Grid features

Any-to-any connectivity

Provides any-to-any data format translation with robust data validation through an advanced mapping and translation engine, supporting diverse B2B vertical industry and regional standards as well as all major communication protocols.

Enterprise integration

Features a pre-built API library to rapidly connect to existing applications and extend workloads managed in Trading Grid.

Performance and reliability

Enables near realtime document exchange and efficient management by exception. Leverages OpenText global data centers to ensure business continuity and fast, reliable mission critical business transactions.

Faster community onboarding

Offers access to a pre-connected community of trading partners to rapidly onboard customers and suppliers over the largest e-commerce network. Automated provisioning significantly reduces the time to add new trading partners to the platform.


Offers protection and integrity at every level, including user authentication, non-repudiation, physical security, data encryption and on-going security audits.

Visibility, alerting and analytics

Offers a comprehensive suite of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, including OpenText™ Lens, for better visibility of transaction flows and alerts. Leverages OpenText™ Trading Grid™ Analytics for improved operational and business insights and seamless collaboration between trading partners.

Intuitive interface with self-service capabilities

Offers a single convenient self-service portal, Trading Grid Online, to access self-service onboarding, mapping and support, as well as powerful and flexible document search tools, customizable document-level reports and other SaaS solutions.

Trading partner discovery

Enables ethical trading sourcing strategies to select trading partners based on specific corporate social responsibility criteria using the Global Partner Directory. Accelerates trading partner onboarding and time to value with extensive search capabilities and self-service connection invitations.

Community collaboration

Offers a feature rich request management and business process management tool for realtime status tracking of support requests. Enables guided report creation and automated workflows with automatic task assignment, request tracking and alerts.

Direct connection outsourcing

Provides the option of outsourcing complex and time-consuming direct connections via common protocols, including AS2, OFTP, SFTP and FTPS.

OpenText value-added solutions

Includes OpenText™ Lens and OpenText™ Trading Grid Analytics, powerful visibility and analytics tools. Additional Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, including OpenText™ Active Catalogue and OpenText™ Active Invoices with Compliance, are available to help build out efficiencies as the business grows.

Purchase-to-Pay transaction lifecycle diagram

Trading Grid solutions consists of four elements including platform services, integration services, SaaS applications, and managed services.

“We have seen an EDI growth of 61% in the past 3 years and OpenText Trading Grid Messaging Service has enabled us to easily scale to meet this growing demand.”

Russell Spikes, EDI & Central Data Support Analyst, Dixons Carphone

OpenText Trading Grid benefits

Reduce costs

Reach all trading partners and send information in any format via a single connection to lower costs of in-house EDI tools by 40% on average.

Improve business performance

Deliver the automatic flow of documents within key business processes to build business agility, accelerate time to revenue and reach new markets and geographies for supply chain activities.

Increase productivity

Gain more control over operations and increase the speed and accuracy of business transactions to deliver productivity benefits, including improved on-time delivery rates and faster inventory turns.

Accelerate trading partner onboarding

Access a pre-connected trading partner community with rapid new partner onboarding. Self-service and mobile capabilities allow partners to easily connect and collaborate.

Speed time to revenue

Accelerate customer onboarding to comply with ecommerce requirements and start taking orders faster.

Partner with the trusted global leader in integration services

Leverage more than 40 years of OpenText experience in providing reliable global messaging services, including mapping, translation, compliance and community management.

OpenText Trading Grid proven results and value



average cost savings vs. DIY legacy integration



reduction in unplanned event response time



reduction in days sales outstanding

Customer satisfaction


improvement in on-time delivery rates

Time to value


reduction in partner onboarding time



reduction of disparate integration toolsets in use

OpenText Trading Grid solutions

Leverage expert people, processes and technologies to manage day to day B2B data exchange and integration requirements.

Monitors data flows between any system or data source, within the enterprise and with external business partners, for realtime visibility into all application-to-application (A2A) and business-to-business (B2B) data flows within a single, cloud-based data visibility solution.

Automates invoicing and compliance for more than 45 countries and offers data validation, digital signatures, archiving and electronic invoice delivery.

Monitors B2B transactions in realtime to ensure accuracy and compliance with company business rules, including a vendor compliance program for retailers.

Provides a realtime source of supplier information, including contacts, B2B capabilities, performance and sourcing profiles for regulatory compliance and accelerated onboarding.

Enables item data and image synchronization for the retail industry with an unmatched ability to synchronize the volume of products across 190 million unique items.

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