B2B cloud network

Securely and efficiently exchange any type of business document in the world’s largest B2B cloud network

Suppliers and customers can cut costs and increase revenue by trading digitally through a B2B cloud network. With different electronic document types, communications protocols and ever-changing industry and regulatory standards, B2B integration can be costly and complex.  Leveraging a service provider shields organizations from complexity and future proofs against ongoing change.

With OpenText Trading Grid Messaging Service, the largest and most mature B2B cloud network, companies can securely and reliably exchange nearly any type of business document with trading partners around the world.

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What is a B2B cloud network?

A B2B cloud network enables the secure exchange of electronic business documents with trading partners—in any format, using any standard or protocol. B2B cloud network providers offer a quick and effective way to connect with customers and suppliers.

The best B2B cloud network providers offer more than a basic VAN. They include additional capabilities, such as document translation, security, advanced analytics and management reporting, and staff augmentation to reduce the burden of managing EDI and B2B integration requirements.

OpenText Trading Grid Messaging Service overview

Trading Grid Messaging Service is a robust, secure and feature-rich B2B cloud network, handling more than 26 billion B2B transactions every year, accounting for more than $9 trillion in trade annually.

Trading Grid Messaging Service connects organizations with their entire trading community to quickly and reliably exchange business documents over the Internet or through a private network.

OpenText processes more business transactions with Trading Grid Messaging Service than any other service provider. OpenText goes beyond digital document exchange to offer organizations more sophisticated B2B integration capabilities in areas such as process improvement, community engagement and supply chain process optimization. With the OpenText portfolio of integration solutions, organizations maximize the value of every trading partner relationship.

OpenText Trading Grid Messaging Service features

Any-to-any connectivity

Provides any-to-any data format translation with robust data validation through an advanced mapping and translation engine, supporting diverse B2B vertical industry and regional standards as well as all major communication protocols.

Performance and reliability

Enables near realtime document exchange and efficient management by exception. Trading Grid leverages OpenText global data centers to ensure business continuity and fast, reliable mission critical business transactions.

Faster community onboarding

Accesses a pre-connected community of trading partners to rapidly onboard customers and suppliers over the largest e-commerce network. Automated provisioning significantly reduces the time to add new trading partners to the platform.


Offers protection and integrity at every level, including user authentication, non-repudiation, physical security, data encryption and on-going security audits.

Visibility and alerting

Includes OpenText Active Documents, an advanced document tracking system with a simple and intuitive, dashboard-driven interface to provide a detailed view of documents, including communications, messaging, routing, interconnect status and exception-based alerts.

Rich transaction and process analytics

Features built-in OpenText Trading Grid Analytics to deliver insight across both operational and business workflows to reveal patterns, trends predictive metrics that identify risk and improve business performance for organizations and their trading partners.

Intuitive interface with self-service capabilities

Offers a single convenient self-service portal, Trading Grid Online, to access all OpenText applications as well as self-service administration, powerful and flexible document search tools and customizable document-level reports.

Direct connection outsourcing

Provides the option of outsourcing complex and time-consuming direct connections via common protocols, including AS2, OFTP, SFTP and FTPS.

Enterprise integration

Extend the integration platform with APIs that easily integrate with virtually any application.

“We have seen an EDI growth of 61% in the past 3 years and OpenText Trading Grid Messaging Service has enabled us to easily scale to meet this growing demand.”

Russell Spikes, EDI & Central Data Support Analyst, Dixons Carphone

OpenText Trading Grid Messaging Service benefits

Reduce costs

Reach all trading partners and send information in any format via a single connection to lower costs of in-house EDI tools, on average by 40%.

Improve business performance

Deliver the automatic flow of documents within key business processes to build business agility, accelerate time to revenue and reach new markets and geographies for supply chain activities.

Increase productivity

Gain more control over operations and increase the speed and accuracy of business transactions to deliver productivity benefits, including improved on-time delivery rates and faster inventory turns.

Accelerate trading partner onboarding

Access a pre-connected trading partner community with rapid new partner onboarding. Self-service and mobile capabilities allow partners to easily connect and collaborate.

Expand efficiencies with OpenText value-added solutions

Includes Active Documents and Trading Grid Analytics, powerful visibility and analytics tools. Additional Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, including OpenText Active Catalogue and OpenText Active Invoices with Compliance, are available to help build out efficiencies as the business grows.

Partner with the trusted global leader in B2B integration

Leverage over 40 years of OpenText experience in providing reliable global messaging services, including mapping, translation, compliance and community management.

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