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Exchange virtually any type or size document with a single B2B gateway

Many organizations use siloed solutions that support one but not all of their B2B requirements. B2B gateways are vital to B2B integration for organizations of all sizes to streamline, standardize and secure the exchange of business information with their trading partners.

OpenText™ BizManager offers on-premises control and security for B2B integration, data translation and managed file transfer (MFT) to exchange any document type or size in a single, integrated platform.

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OpenText BizManager overview

BizManager is an integrated B2B gateway that includes MFT, B2B messaging, mapping and translation, tracking, auditing, security and compliance. BizManager supports virtually all document types, communications protocols and industry standards to enable organizations to quickly trade with suppliers and customers. Centralized management, reporting, audit and compliance provide control and visibility across the enterprise.

With BizManager, organizations work within a single user interface, making it easy to transform business documents into partner supported formats. Available on-premises or as a hybrid B2B implementation, BizManager is flexible to meet the unique needs of organizations.

OpenText BizManager features

B2B transaction exchange

Provides an integrated platform that supports both structured and unstructured data, including invoices, ASNs, CAD drawings and video files, and automates information exchange through scheduling and event-driven processes.

Data mapping

Develops and manages document transformation with simple drag-and-drop mapping. Leverages pre-defined document definitions for EDI X12, EDIFACT, Tradacoms, VDA and NACHA standards as well as numerous mathematical, string, conditional, Boolean, numeric and time/date functions. Supports multiple mappers from a single platform.

Data translation

Provides flexible data conversion and translation, including flat file, ANSI X12, EDIFACT, TRADACOMS and GENCOD. Simplifies creating and managing even complex maps using drag-and-drop features.

Trading partner management

Simplifies managing complex trading partner communities of business partners and other constituents. Eases new trading partner setup and manages ongoing changes to trading partner profiles from a central location.

Multiple protocol support

Supports more than 20 internet protocols and messaging standards, handling all protocol mediation, while maintaining data and transaction security.

Fast, secure large file transfer

Exchanges large and rich media documents with a proprietary acceleration protocol, OpenText Fuel, that transfers files up to 80 times faster than FTP or HTTP.

Ad hoc transfers

Quickly and securely sends and receives files from anywhere at any time to improve efficiency and collaboration. Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook or any web browser for ease of use, while overcoming the file size limitations of email packages or browsers.

API tools

Leverages a comprehensive set of APIs and tools to integrate with existing back-office systems. Automates file transfers to deliver application-to-application (A2A) data exchange without manual intervention.

Event management and tracking

Offers realtime visibility and reporting of all information exchange. Proactively identifies and resolves potential issues with business activity monitoring and realtime event management and alerts. Use archive and audit trail capabilities provide accountability when discrepancies arise.

Security and compliance

Complies with market regulations, industry mandates and trading partner requirements worldwide. Supports leading security standards, such as PGP, SHA-2 and TLS, to ensure security at connectivity, payload and messaging-standard levels. Supports the most secure data transfer standards available, with encryption, non-repudiation and digital certificates for authentication.

“When you increase speed to market, you’re increasing your value-add to partners. We’re onboarding a lot more partners every year, and we’re onboarding them with ease. OpenText BizManager made us a heck of a lot more efficient and so we’re bringing more value to the business as a result.”

Mark Hurt, Manager of Enterprise Integration, Carhartt

OpenText BizManager benefits

Simplify integration

Connect and control internal and external information exchange with a single, integrated platform for integration, data translation and MFT. Eliminate information silos and allow users to exchange all types of data and documents from a consistent, easy-to-use interface.

Achieve 100% trading partner connectivity

Ease trading partner connections by aligning to partner communication preferences. Enable multiple transport protocols to accommodate any type of structured or unstructured data.

Increase efficiency, reduce costs

Increase business and supply chain process efficiency by replacing manual with digital information exchange. Improve communication and collaboration with trading partners to increase the speed and accuracy of business transactions, reduce cycle time and speed time to revenue.

Future proof integration

Meet current and future information exchange needs, bringing scalability and fault-tolerance to B2B communications to grow with transaction volumes and partners connected.

Partner with the trusted global leader in business integration

Leverage the expertise and experience of the global leader in B2B integration and take advantage of OpenText™ Trading Grid™, the world’s largest B2B network.

OpenText BizManager suite of integration solutions

OpenText™ BizLink™

A powerful and scalable enterprise-level server solution, including integrated translation and mapping functionality, to simplify the management of any number of trading partners.

OpenText™ BizConnect™ Professional

A platform for mid-sized organizations to securely connect both internally and with up to 25 trading partners.

OpenText™ BizConnect™ Entry

An easy-to-use solution for small businesses that facilitates connectivity with trading partners and eases the exchange of standard business documents.

OpenText™ BizManager400™

An enterprise B2B integration and MFT platform designed specifically to enable information exchange on the AS400.

OpenText™ SecureLink™

A comprehensive set of advanced security components to securely relay messages and exchange information with trading partners via any BizManager module.

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