B2B managed services

Leverage expert people, processes and technologies to manage day to day B2B data exchange and integration requirements

B2B integration is costly and complex. Monitoring, managing and maintaining a B2B integration environment requires continuous investments in specialized technologies and skilled professionals. These environments typically need to integrate with both legacy and next-generation technologies across the extended partner ecosystem, from paper and fax to EDI and APIs.

OpenText™ B2B Managed Services shields organizations from the complexities of managing their B2B integration environments, allowing them to focus on their core business activities.

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OpenText B2B Managed Services overview

OpenText B2B Managed Services offers a repeatable, proven people–process–technology model that extends the IT team and ensures operations stay current with B2B integration trends and requirements, while improving business process optimization. Using B2B Managed Services, OpenText assumes the management of day-to-day operations, from systems management to integration to partner onboarding and transaction monitoring. Companies are able to focus on core competencies, accelerate new technology adoption and future-proof against unknown technology and economic changes. B2B Managed Services ensures organizations are:

  • Connected: A flexible, programmable and configurable digital backbone through B2B cloud integration connects people, systems and things through a range of cloud-based services or a hybrid integration leveraging on-premises B2B gateway software.
  • Collaborative: Applications and services allow interaction with trading partners through their preferred method to improve day to day operations involving trading partners.
  • Intelligent: Realtime business performance insights identify and flag risk and opportunity to allow users to immediately respond without waiting on scarce resources to generate reports.

OpenText B2B Managed Services features

Visibility and alerting

Offers a comprehensive suite of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for better visibility of B2B transaction flows and alerts, and leverages OpenText™ Trading Grid™ Analytics for improved operational and business insights and seamless collaboration between trading partners.

Trading partner discovery

Enables ethical trading sourcing strategies to select trading partners based on specific corporate social responsibility criteria using the Global Partner Directory. Accelerates trading partner onboarding and time to value with extensive search capabilities and self-service connection invitations.

Trading partner onboarding

Utilizes robust tools, techniques and processes to accelerate the supplier onboarding process and ensure 100 percent participation from the entire trading partner community. Delivers ongoing trading partner management to obtain efficient transaction flows and resolve problems as quickly as possible.

Support services

Includes a dedicated production services team to proactively monitor all processes and business transactions within the production system. Provides 24X7 transaction monitoring, exception management and incident management support.

Process and data intelligence

Monitors B2B data exchange flows and identifies errors within individual transactions and across business processes to improve data quality and business process integrity.

System integration

Delivers enterprise integration services to ERP systems, including SAP and Oracle, from complex document mapping, such as SAP IDoc format, to business partner relationship management and data quality monitoring.

Community collaboration

Offers a feature rich request management and business process management tool for realtime status tracking of support requests. Offers guided report creation and automated workflows with automatic task assignment, request tracking and alerts.

System management

Offloads the day-to-day management of B2B operations and infrastructure, hosted in OpenText data centers, including systems health monitoring, data backups, network managed services, systems administration and application support.

Program management

Provides experienced B2B Service Delivery Managers for day-to-day project management activities relating to the B2B program.

Data integration and translation

Leverages OpenText B2B mapping experts to manage all data integration and translation tasks, perform change management and resolve issues.

User enablement and control

Expands user self service capabilities, mobility, peer file sharing and onboarding with any-to-any connectivity.

“Our relationship with OpenText was reinforced by this unique project, which addressed our need to monitor the performance of our sales teams and business. We believe in the potential of this deal and we saw results in a very short time.”

Odiberto Da Silva, IT Production Manager, Coca-Cola Refrescos Bandeirantes

OpenText B2B Managed Services benefits

Modernize infrastructure

Access to cloud integration and skilled resources to accelerate digital transformation initiatives.

Improve transaction visibility

Obtain rich insights into trading partner performance with comprehensive business process analytics.

Accelerate time to market

Get product to customers, new markets or channels faster with a pre-connected global trading community.

Improve security

Utilize a comprehensive and highly-available digital backbone for secure, any to any connectivity to people, systems and things that meets or exceeds the latest security standards.

Improve operations

Digitize all transactions across trading partners, automating B2B services and processes to gain new efficiencies.

Improve customer support

Respond more quickly to new customer and market demands.

Future-proof B2B requirements

Leverage a scalable B2B cloud platform to suit today’s, and future, business expansion needs.

Enhance collaboration

Integrate information silos to improve collaboration and offer intelligent insights across the business ecosystem.

OpenText B2B Managed Services solutions

Supports traditional order management and offers full visibility into supply chain transactions for digital and non-digital suppliers.

Automates invoicing and compliance for more than 45 countries and offers data validation, digital signatures, archiving and electronic invoice delivery.

Monitors B2B transactions in realtime to ensure accuracy and compliance with company business rules, including a vendor compliance program for retailers.

Offers end-to-end lifecycle visibility and management of B2B transactions, with customized reporting to spot and manage issues before they impact business.

Provides a realtime source of supplier information, including contacts, B2B capabilities, performance and sourcing profiles, to help ensure regulatory compliance and accelerate the onboarding process.

Enables item data and image synchronization for the retail industry with an unmatched ability to synchronize the volume of products across 190 million unique items.

Monitors data flows between any system or data source, within the enterprise and with external business partners, for realtime visibility into all application-to-application (A2A) and business-to-business (B2B) data flows within a single, cloud-based data visibility solution.

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