Cloud VPN service

Maintain control of and access to corporate assets with a zero-trust managed cloud VPN service

With enterprises extending their networks to accommodate global offices, cloud applications, suppliers, partners, contractors and remote employees, securely accessing and transferring privileged information is more important than ever. Traditional, on-premises VPN deployments require full-time expertise and are costly to implement and maintain with ongoing technology upgrades. Cloud-based, managed VPN solutions offer organizations a secure, cost-effective alternative.

OpenText™ PositivePro is a cloud VPN managed service that provides secure connectivity and access to corporate network resources via site-to-site VPNs.

OpenText PositivePro overview

Simple to manage and highly flexible, PositivePro enables secure site-to-site VPNs that deliver remote access to authorized users anywhere in the world on the platform of their choice, including mobile devices. Residing on a server within the corporate firewall, PositivePro leverages site-to-site protocols and eliminates the need for a VPN client on every server and device.

Available as a cloud-based or fully managed service, PositivePro leverages the state-of-the-art OpenText Cloud infrastructure to deliver enhanced performance, security and scalability and includes support for ongoing investment and innovation.

OpenText PositivePro features

VPN client

Extends the corporate network while ensuring that every remote connection is secure and compliant with company standards. The downloadable, plug-and-play VPN client works behind firewalls, proxy servers and home networks.

Web access

Makes any standard web browser a secure access portal with PositivePro WebTop, simplifying connectivity for remote users.

Smartphone and tablet access

Improves accessibility with remote connections to handheld devices.


Shifts workloads to the cloud to free up valuable data center space, while providing on-LAN experience.

OpenText PositivePro benefits

Improve security

Ensure data is protected at rest and in transit through comprehensive access authentication, authorization and administration. Leverage sophisticated security controls that ensure common Secure Socket Layer (SSL) traffic and other types of cyberattacks are prevented.

Increase ease of use

Automate the setup process to shield end-users from email or firewall VPN protocol complexity. Reduce work and troubleshooting for the support team.

Reduce administrative burden

Centralize control of the complete network with a single infrastructure and eliminate the hassle of managing the remote side.

Enhance scalability

Add a new user, site, office or partner company to the network, without adding VPN clients to every new connection. Relocate a remote office with fast and easy setup.

Ensure business continuity

Maintain remote access during emergencies or unplanned events, such as power outages and natural disasters, that can impact the business. Connectivity to new devices or locations is easily reassigned so employees can work from home or another office to minimize downtime and ensure productivity.

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