Connected IoT Supply Chain

Leverage real-time data from IoT to gain visibility and insights to improve supply chain and asset operations

Companies consistently strive to improve visibility across their supply chain operations. The Internet of Things (IoT) technologies offers supply chain connectivity to gather the visibility and insights to optimize operations. Supply Chain Directors not only gain realtime visibility of a shipment’s current location but can monitor the shipment at every stage of its journey.

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OpenText Connected IoT Supply Chain overview

Powered by the OpenText™ Internet of Things platform, part of the OpenText™ Business Network, OpenText Connected Supply Chain solutions enable end-to-end visibility of shipments and assets as they move through the extended ecosystem. Using an identity-centric approach to IoT, all the people, systems and things in a supply chain ecosystem are identifies for pervasive, real-time visibility as shipments and assets go from their point of origin to their final destination.

OpenText Connected IoT Supply Chain Solution features

Shipment location visibility

Complements EDI related shipment information with map-based information through a Google Maps integration to track shipments from point of origin to point of delivery.

Real-time shipment monitoring

Leverages multiple sensor types, e.g. temperature, humidity and light, to monitor the condition of goods as they move through the supply chain.

Geo-fencing creation

Establishes geo-fencing around shipments to alert users to unexpected movement outside the defined area. Allows multiple geo-fences to be created with varying scenarios (i.e. one geo-fence inside another) to track assets, each with its own defined set of rules.

OpenText Connected IoT Supply Chain benefits

Improve end-to-end visibility

Use IoT sourced data for end-to-end visibility of shipments of highly-connected supply chain “assets” across multi-modal 3PL providers.

Automate process

Get realtime monitoring of inventory levels and consumption patterns to automate replenishment processes with suppliers.

Create repeatable best practices

Identify, analyze and mitigate supply chain disruptions to understand supply chain trends and create repeatable best practices that eliminate bottlenecks.

Control and govern supply chain performance

Manage supply chain performance via a role-based interface. Enable workflows and downstream applications with realtime notifications to deliver extended insights of shipments and assets.

Fast ROI

Introduce digital, IoT-driven track and trace in a phased approach for quick investments benefits, while transitioning to more complex track and trace capabilities as the business dictates.

Trusted and proven

Rely on the world’s largest business network, connecting to more than 800,000 businesses, and managing more than 60 million digital identities. Deliver the secure IoT tools necessary to support supply chain connectivity with the OpenText IoT Platform’s proven scalability.

OpenText Connected IoT Supply Chain solutions

Visualize the volumes of B2B transaction data from solutions, such as OpenText™ Trading Grid, in conjunction with IoT-sources to make informed decisions and send directed notifications.

Use IoT-driven track and trace to connect shipment and assets throughout the supply chain and monitor their movements in realtime. Augment data from sensors and other IoT devices with other supply chain data, such as warehouse and transactional information, to provide more granular visibility.

Deliver condition-based monitoring to supply chain operations. Monitor aspects affecting goods in transit in realtime, including temperature, humidity, location and product condition to take immediate corrective action if an exception of aberrant conditions is reported for greater control, high levels of transparency and supply chain efficiency.

Combine IoT data management with AI and machine learning to bring end-to-end visibility and continuous improvement to all parts of the supply chain. Move beyond simple track and trace with a holistic solution that applies predictive and prescriptive analytics to the captured data in areas, such as supply chain planning, route optimization and predictive maintenance.

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