Connected vehicle platform

Monetize information from connected vehicles with secure identity and access management

The evolution of technology has created unprecedented change in the Automotive industry. Consumer transportation preferences have shifted towards electrification, global connectivity, diverse mobility and autonomous driving. As connected vehicles become platforms for customer experience, the digital driving experience will heavily influence consumer loyalty and brand preference.

Controlling the in-vehicle user experience is paramount. Consumers expect a connected vehicle experience similar to that of their connected experience at home, work and via their smartphone device. Vehicles without the right kind of connectivity to accommodate mobile lifestyles will quickly fall off the consumer’s consideration list.

OpenText™ Connected Vehicle Platform is a cloud-based environment that offers an identity-centric approach to improving the vehicle ownership experience. From managing the day to day vehicle engagement to remotely diagnosing potential vehicle faults, the OpenText Connected Vehicle solution enables vehicle manufacturers to offer an improved customer experience, explore opportunities to monetize vehicle data and obtain deeper insights into vehicle performance that can drive future vehicle development programs.

Secure IoT data across the connected supply chain

Take a holistic approach to identity and access management (IAM) that governs systems access, connected devices and partners, vendor and customer information.

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OpenText Connected Vehicle Platform overview

OpenText Connected Vehicle Platform delivers improved customer experience and new sources of value, allowing OEMs and dealerships to safely and securely enable and monetize connected vehicles. OpenText connected vehicle technology helps vehicle manufacturers to derive insights from vehicle ownership and drive innovation across future vehicle designs. Vehicle OEMs leverage the platform to connect disparate telematics systems and rapidly introduce new technologies across vehicle fleets. The cloud-based platform securely shares business rules and logic across many different stakeholders, from the OEM to the dealer to the driver. The platform also allows different vehicle systems to be seamlessly integrated to the broader vehicle ecosystem.

OpenText Connected Vehicle Platform features

Over-the-air updates (FOTA / SOTA)

Improves vehicle product quality and help OEMs securely transport critical data for over the air (OTA) updates. Reduces OEM service cost and saves time for vehicle updates, while providing a better driver experience.

Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) / Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I)

Passes vital traffic and accident avoidance information securely in realtime from V2V and V2I for a safe and efficient driving experience.

In-vehicle telematics

Enables proactive service alerts and preventative maintenance diagnostics to help reduce warranty cost, improve product quality and build brand loyalty. Uses remote diagnostics and safety services to help prevent breakdowns and increase vehicle quality.

Connected vehicle integration

Onboards partners, third-party application providers and systems that interact with the connected vehicle for accelerated connected vehicle integration. Provides improved insights into vehicle operation and ensures seamless information flow to the broader vehicle ecosystem, which can include dealers and vehicle manufacturers.

OpenText Connected Vehicle Platform benefits

Secure connected vehicles

Help IT teams provide secure, seamless connections between people, systems and things for connected vehicle environments to offer consumers the best driving experience possible.

Enhance the connected driving experience

Improve the consumer experience with mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) to connect drivers to their vehicle, the manufacturer, dealership, third-party service providers, social contacts and more.

Improve fleet management

Improve driver safety and asset security, increase productivity and improve fleet operation efficiency through personalized user experiences for fleet managers and drivers. Enable driver behavior monitoring, better vehicle routing management and cost savings through preventative maintenance.

Simplify connected vehicle ecosystems

Build connected vehicle solutions that quickly and securely identify, authenticate and connect users, devices and information with an open, developer-friendly and enterprise-class platform.

Monetize vehicle data

Monitoring and analyzing connected vehicle data allows vehicle manufacturers to offer new services to both consumers and the broader vehicle ecosystem, including suppliers, insurance companies and fleet management companies.

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