Consumer identity and access management

Manage and govern access to services, products and applications for enhanced consumer experience and engagement

Consumers want secure, seamless engagement with the brands, products and services they use, leaving brands seeking new technology to improve their customers’ experiences. Customer identity and access management helps enterprises solve a range of issues, such as secure single login with multi-factor authentication, consolidating information across disparate enterprise systems and connecting consumer identities to products.

The OpenText Identity and Access Management Platform simplifies, secures and streamlines the consumer experience with brands. By securing access and synchronizing data across multiple disparate systems, the platform enforces identity data management and authorization policies and creates trusted relationships that drive increased consumer engagement.

Secure IoT data across the connected supply chain

Take a holistic approach to identity and access management (IAM) that governs systems access, connected devices and partners, vendor and customer information.

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OpenText Identity and Access Management Platform overview

The OpenText Identity and Access Management (IAM) Platform governs consumer access to information through role-based control, regulating access to systems or networks based on the individual user. OpenText IAM also tackles many common challenges with identity governance and administration. The platform can address growing complexities, such as visibility into who is accessing what information, and provide certification, audit and attestation for user identities.

Learn how The Auto Club Group reduced complexity, increased security and streamlined its customers’ digital experience with OpenText Identity and Access Management.

OpenText Consumer Identity and Access Management features

Identity manager

Manages comprehensive identity lifecycles and access management across complex enterprise ecosystems. Includes registration and secure login authentication, SSO, consent and preference management as well as policy enforcement.

Authorization manager

Administers access and authorization, establishes delegation and policy management and validates users are who they claim to be. Builds trust across domains for end-to-end security, infrastructure management, audit and attestation, attributed-based authorization and more.

Customer intelligence

Inspects identity, access and endpoint data to convert it to actionable information and insights, essential for companies that must comply with data privacy regulations, such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Directory services

Provides a cloud-based directory and the tools to integrate and synchronize directories and identity-related data for a streamlined, personalized and secure omnichannel experience.

OpenText Consumer Identity and Access Management benefits

Seamless omnichannel experience

Provide customers with secure, convenient and seamless access through multi-factor authentication and single sign-on to multiple platforms and backend systems.

Increase secure engagement

Provide secure access for millions of customers across a brand’s products and services.

Reduce complexity for IT teams

Manage the identity lifecycle, from identity creation to access revocation, while reducing complexity and cost.

Improve customer data compliance

Confidently respond to GDPR and CCPA inquiries and rapidly implement contingency plans in the case of a data breach.

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