Data compliance

Ensure data compliance throughout the lifecycle of enterprise data assets

Data security and compliance challenges weigh heavily on any organization handling sensitive, regulated and high-value information, making data compliance solutions mission critical to the enterprise.

OpenText™ Alloy™ is a cloud-based solution that incorporates best practices in data security, whether data is in motion or at rest. Combined with OpenText™ Integration Managed Services experts, Alloy helps organizations around the world meet compliance requirements.

OpenText Alloy for data compliance overview

Alloy delivers the technology and technical expertise across the full spectrum of data integration, transformation, governance and security. The solution helps organizations achieve and simplify data compliance across a variety of standards and requirements in multiple industries, from retail to healthcare and financial services.

OpenText Alloy for data compliance features

Highly secure platform

Maximizes data protection with the latest security best practices, including data tokenization and encryption of sensitive payloads, while providing authorized users visibility into integration metadata and non-sensitive payloads.

Regional data centers

Supports regional compliance requirements for data movement and storage. Leverages global data centers with in-region failover and high-availability services to meet all applicable access, security and compliance requirements by geographic region.

Flexible solution design

Uses a managed services approach for highly-tailored data compliance solutions and acts as an extension of the security team. Integrates and manages data to the specific compliance needs of customers across different industries, geographies and data types.

Audited technology and processes

Complies with the latest best practices and industry standards. OpenText processes and platforms are regularly audited for multiple compliance standards, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC, and ISO27001. All OpenText personnel undergo regular compliance trainings, including added training for users handling sensitive data.

Active governance

Maintains compliance status as data security and protection standards and regulations evolve. Quickly adapts and future proofs data as changes arise.

OpenText Alloy for data compliance benefits

Ease the burden of compliance

Limit the scope of compliance audits and actively manage the complexities of data compliance with OpenText experts, processes and technology.

Reduce risk

Replace PCI, PHI, PII and other types of sensitive data stored in systems with surrogate data to greatly reduce the risk of data breaches.

Balance data security with usability

Provide robust data security while minimizing data access restriction for business use and analytics.

Focus on core business

Leverage OpenText data professionals and best practices from solution design to ongoing maintenance. Focus on core business initiatives, not the complexity and ongoing change in data compliance needs.

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