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Reduce the time, effort and costs of enterprise integration with a smarter approach to data transformation

Data is the cornerstone of successful digital transformation, but it comes in a wide variety of formats. Whether structured or unstructured, in various programming languages or in different date, time, number and language formats, data varies greatly across enterprise ecosystems. Data transformation tools address these variations to combine and extract value out of enterprise data.

OpenText™ Contivo™ is a data transformation tool used to create specifications for data usage and map data between various structured formats and standards. Allowing organizations to reconcile data diversity, no matter how complex, Contivo extracts value out of data to enable integration and insights across the enterprise.

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OpenText Contivo overview

Contivo tackles the challenges of data transformation in a flexible and systematic way. Contivo’s advanced tooling provides the power and flexibility that business analysts, application developers, mappers and others need to achieve their desired outcomes.

Contivo works in projects that use canonical formats as well as in those that use source-to-target specific maps. To deploy the developed transformations to a service, cloud or middleware, Contivo generates code that can run in virtually any Java environment and can also produce XSLT. When requirements change, Contivo updates maps with data formats or transformation logic and verifies that they have been successfully changed, without breaking existing processes. This introduces unparalleled flexibility and helps organizations to dramatically reduce the time, effort, resources and money spent on data transformation.

OpenText Contivo features

Any-to-any integration

Supports data mapping between any mixture of data formats, including XML, JSON, legacy and flat-file data, spreadsheets and Java objects, to build integrations between any application and system.

Integration automation

Includes machine-learning features, such as map intuition, interface intuition and rule intuition, that accelerate data integration and migration projects.

Intuitive interface

Leverages an intuitive interface for users at various skill levels to build specifications and complete maps.

Map portability

Generates optimized runtime code in Java and XSLT for multiple platforms, making maps created in Contivo portable and deployable into multiple vendor environments.

Documentation export

Exports documentation on data interfaces and maps. Stores documentation in a central repository to keep integration operations organized and well-documented.

Collaboration support

Shares and locates information to facilitate efficient collaboration and reuse of assets with APIs and interface definitions. Acts as a living repository to aid future migrations.

OpenText Contivo benefits

Increase agility

Increase team agility in developing, deploying, documenting and maintaining integrations across multiple data sources and platforms.

Accelerate time to market

Improve collaboration between data architects, business analysts and developers to make data integration projects faster and more efficient.

Reduce cost

Easily migrate maps from one version to another, allowing reuse and lower integration maintenance costs over time.

Avoid vendor lock-in

Avoid integration platform lock-in with the ability to deploy maps in any runtime environment.

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