Data visibility

Gain end-to-end visibility into data flows between enterprise applications and trading partner systems

Data visibility enables accurate and timely insights on business operations that are critical for gaining operational efficiency, delivering improved service and finding new sources of customer value. But, many enterprise systems remain siloed, preventing a 360-degree view into business operations. Many platforms used to connect disparate systems move data behind the scenes, limiting access to the wealth of information that data integration can reveal.

OpenText™ Lens™ is a cloud-based data visibility tool that helps monitor data flows between any system or data source, within the enterprise and with business partners. The solution offers realtime visibility into all application-to-application (A2A) and business-to-business (B2B) data flows with a single solution.

Achieve business-to-any integration

Reduce integration costs and risks, improve data visibility and enhance business agility

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OpenText Lens overview

Lens is a powerful, user-friendly cloud application that provides visibility into data flows between enterprise applications, customers, suppliers and partners. Whether monitoring business process health against KPIs or managing timely responses to electronic orders received from customers, Lens enables end-to-end visibility into data-driven business processes.

What’s new

Lens integration with Trading Grid

Best of breed data visualization across end to end business processes

User-configurable dashboards for easy personalization

Configurable business rules and notifications

Transaction drill down for detailed insights

Report sharing for improved collaboration

OpenText Lens features

Personalized dashboards and filters

Creates customized dashboards and search filters to quickly and easily access the information most relevant for specific roles.

Powerful search capabilities

Offers multiple search options to quickly find specific transactions from the ever-growing amount of integrated data.

Transaction lifecycle management

Provides detailed insights and business trends on the movement of data as it supports various stages of business processes.

Notifications and alerting

Alerts users of activity, non-activity and process exceptions based on configurable business rules to remediate issues in timely manner.

Trending and timeline comparison

Allows users to explore data and identify trends and patterns in integration flows over time.

Data collaboration

Improves data collaboration with employees and trading partners through easy to share saved reports and search filters.

Payload encryption and viewing

Encrypts sensitive payload data and makes non-sensitive payloads available to help monitor and analyze business processes.

OpenText Lens benefits

Increase end-to-end data visibility

Gain visibility into all integration flows for complete insight into business processes, driving proactive and timely actions. Optimize business processes, reduce problem resolution time and lower costs to mitigate risk using detailed views and collaboration features.

Improve business agility

Improve responsiveness to business events or non-events. Manage unforeseen issues and mitigate risk before they impact the business.

Unify data visibility

Enhance control and transparency into data with increased visibility and efficiency for reporting and early problem identification.

Empower more users with insights

Enable both technical and non-technical users to access and gain insights on the most meaningful data for their role with an intuitive user interface that requires little to no training.

Realize the Information Advantage

Extract information about data in motion and utilize relevant business context to improve efficiency and data driven decision-making.

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