Document tracking service

Get a realtime, end-to-end document tracking system with transaction visibility across the entire lifecycle of B2B documents processed through OpenText Trading Grid

Every day thousands of B2B transactions need to be exchanged with business partners in a fast, secure and accurate manner. To keep exchanges running smoothly, organizations need to identify issues rapidly, before they can impact the business.

OpenText™ Active Documents is a realtime, end-to-end document tracking service that offers transaction visibility at each step of a document’s lifecycle and provides comprehensive alerts when issues arise.

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OpenText Active Documents overview

OpenText™ Active Documents is a document tracking service that manages transactions and identifies exceptions, events or non-events that may impact business performance. With realtime status dashboards, Active Documents makes it quick and easy to detect and correct processing errors, including when expected events do not occur, to ensure that no PO, invoice, payment or Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) is lost.

Active Documents offers archive, search and retrieval functionality to access information on each incoming and outgoing B2B document throughout its lifecycle. With web-based dashboards and a mobile app, staff without EDI or B2B experience have the information they need readily-available in a format they understand.

An integral part of OpenText™ Trading Grid Messaging Service and OpenText™ B2B Managed Services, Active Documents offers greater control of business document transactions and trading partner performance.

OpenText Active Documents features

realtime status dashboard screenshot

Realtime status dashboard

Get a clear view over all business transactions and business documents exchanged through OpenText™ Trading Grid. Ensure data quality and compliance with timely “track and trace” data needed to monitor in-flight transactions.

document viewer screenshot

User-friendly Business Document Viewer

Present B2B transaction information in a logical, human-readable format with an intuitive and simple to use viewer that requires no technical or B2B knowledge.

Custom activity and non-activity alerts

Define and configure custom alerts to match the unique business process needs of the organization and receive realtime notifications of important activities, non-activities and errors.

Comprehensive search function

Quickly access information on any inbound or outbound document or B2B business process at a file, interchange or document level.

Custom reporting

Set up and save scheduled, ad hoc and custom reports, without requiring internal IT resources, and export data to PDF or CSV file formats for additional reporting and analytics.

Business intelligence

Gain access to accurate, historical transaction information, such as total activity, volume by document type and by business partner, for insight into the performance of B2B documents, business processes, trading partners and customers.

Mobile access anytime, anywhere

Leverage the mobile application to search and view transactions, including lifecycle information, for transaction visibility services on the go.

“Going forward, we found other benefits: Monitoring, reporting. Visibility is something very important for us and that’s been something we’ve been able to find through Active Documents.”

Jean-Luc Faye, EDI Manager, Michelin

OpenText Active Documents benefits

Simplify transaction visibility

Gain visibility into B2B transactions with intuitive search and reporting functions and dashboards. Quickly identify errors and issues throughout the lifecycle of all B2B documents so no orders, invoices or payments get lost in translation.

Improve process efficiencies

Optimize B2B business processes with the right information, whether checking on document status, automating a monthly custom report or seeking urgent business updates.

Manage by exception

Eliminate many time-consuming, day-to-day activities with enhanced alerting capabilities that identify when corrective action is needed and maintain focus on the core business.

Improve performance and customer satisfaction

Deliver supply chain excellence and increase order fill rates for happier customers and increased business.

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