Email and fax to EDI conversion

Automatically convert inbound email and fax documents to EDI and XML

Many small and midsized businesses (SMBs) simply do not have the IT resources or expertise to exchange business documents in a company’s preferred electronic B2B format. Automatic conversion to EDI turns emailed and faxed orders, invoices and other common business documents into structured data, saving time and reducing errors that may occur from manually rekeying those documents into backend systems.

OpenText Email2EDI and OpenText Fax2EDI utilize machine learning and one of the most advanced document and character recognition systems to transform emailed and faxed forms into structured EDI or XML data to capture paper-based data and populate procurement and order management applications.

One digital ecosystem for trading partners

Bridge the digital supply chain gap: How-to tips for digital collaboration with non-digital trading partners

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OpenText Email2EDI and Fax2EDI overview

Email2EDI and Fax2EDI, digital onboarding solutions available to OpenText B2B Managed Services customers, do not require trading partners or corporates to change their business practices of sending documents via email and fax. The solutions use email and fax to EDI conversion to streamline the process and send the information through OpenText Trading Grid to the recipient’s back-end systems, just like any other electronic transaction file.

As a leader in business integration, OpenText offers a portfolio of digital onboarding solutions to extend OpenText Trading Grid and help companies consolidate all business transactions from large and small businesses. Improve transaction visibility and business process efficiency and take the next steps toward 100% digital onboarding with email and fax conversion to EDI, XML or other required protocol.

OpenText Email2EDI and Fax2EDI features

Superior document and character recognition

Transform structured and unstructured documents into useable data in required formats, such as EDI and XML with one of the most advanced document and character recognition systems available.

Self-service validation with machine learning

Allow users to correct errors or omissions as they occur and incrementally improve overall capture and conversion capabilities. Self-service capabilities and machine learning train the system to recognize document layout and find required data for any new trading partner or corporates, in just a few clicks.

Business rules and exception handling

Define business rules and improve processing on a higher volume of documents, while reducing the number of exceptions that require action and, when required, creating workflows to resolve the exception.

Multilingual capabilities

Digitize emails and faxes in multiple languages with support for more than 70 languages and character sets. The self-validation web client and machine learning trains the system to recognize uncommon symbols and characters.

“We had to find a way to address the growing number of orders that come to us via email that had to be entered into the system manually. We had some trading partners that didn’t have the technology to be able to move to EDI, so OpenText Email2EDI provided a solution to automate the processing of these incoming email orders without the need for the customer to invest in the change.”

Jeanelle Frazer, EDI Coordinator, Coca Cola Amatil

OpenText Email2EDI and Fax2EDI benefits

Increase business process efficiency

Automate time-consuming tasks, avoid error-prone manual entry, identify and correct any errors early and eliminate as much of the email, fax and paper handling as possible to keep business running smoothly and customers happy.

Improve transaction security and visibility

Consolidate all business transactions in one trusted place, OpenText Trading Grid, to reduce manual workloads, improve data quality and increase operational efficiency.

Extend and leverage ERP investments

Transform emailed or faxed business documents into any required format, such as EDI or XML, to automatically populate backend systems, increasing the use and value of existing ERP investments.

Achieve 100% digital adoption

Achieve 100% adoption rates by easily digitally onboarding partner or corporates, without requiring them to change their familiar processes.

One digital ecosystem for trading partners

Bridge the digital supply chain gap: How-to tips for digital collaboration with non-digital trading partners.

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