Enterprise application integration

Seamlessly integrate cloud and on-premises applications to eliminate data silos

Modern enterprise application integration spans an increasingly diverse environment of cloud and on-premises integration end-points. But, many organizations are hindered by existing legacy application integration software tools and enterprise software systems, such as ERP, CRM and HR, that cannot readily share data with one another. The resulting data silos prevent end-to-end visibility into business processes and constituents and prevent organizations from automating business processes across multiple applications, leaving duplicate or dirty data stored in multiple locations.

OpenText™ Trading Grid™ provides a unified approach to managing this complexity on a single platform, with flexible and efficient integrations between any system, application and data source.

Break down barriers

Simplify SAP S/4HANA migration.

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OpenText Trading Grid overview

Trading Grid integrates cloud and on-premises applications and data sources across the increasingly diverse enterprise system landscape. The platform enables data exchange between applications and uses business logic and workflows to support both simple and complex business processes. Trading Grid provides full visibility into the data movement between connected applications and helps improve the quality of the data that is being integrated.

What’s new

Single, unified platform for business-to-anything (B2A) integration

Extensive API connector library to speed connectivity with multiple application types

Advanced tooling to generate, manage and version API connectors

Intuitive solution designer for rapid integration design

Pre-built network to enable ethical supply chains

Speed and control with self-service innovations

OpenText Trading Grid features

Flexible business-to-anything integration

Connects any two integration endpoints regardless of where they reside—cloud, SaaS, mobile, device or on-premises.

Realtime visibility

Enables uncovering trends and spotting errors with realtime, web-based visibility into integration operations.

Modern cloud platform

Leverages economies of scale and agility offered by the OpenText Cloud platform. Multi-tenant, microservices based platform is flexible and scalable to meet the most complex requirements.

Powerful API integration tooling

Offers an extensive API connector library and advanced connector management and solution design tools to speed up integration development and improve efficiency.

Built-in compliance and security

Secures data at rest or in transit with secure protocols, such as AS2, FTPS, HTTPS or SFTP.

Delivered as a managed service

Provides people, processes and technology to support complex integration requirements while enabling self-service access and productivity. Offloads the day-to-day complexities of application integration operations and frees scarce IT resources to focus on core competencies.

OpenText Trading Grid benefits

Accelerate digital transformation

Consolidate, cleanse and enrich data from disparate sources, reduce process errors and better manage exceptions. Build aggregated datasets to support enterprise-level predictive analytics.

Enable the API economy

Connect any API to orchestrate and automate business processes, or provide self-service access to data and services by creating and/or exposing your own APIs for app developers and trading partners in a secure way.

Operate at peak efficiency

Consolidate and extend integration delivery capabilities on a single cloud platform. Minimize overhead costs and increase economies of scale.

Ensure end-to-end data compliance

Decrease compliance risk with built-in data compliance for payment card data, personal health information or any other type of regulated data.

Enhance internal integration resources with OpenText experts

Improve scalability, speed time to market for new integrations and free internal resources from complex, non-strategic integration work to focus on mission-critical projects that drive revenue and serve the enterprise’s core competencies.

Extend EAI/ESB investments

Balance the need for minimal disruptions and maximum cost savings by gradually migrating legacy EAI/ESB integration operations to the OpenText™ Cloud.

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