Integration software

Adopt integration software to streamline, standardize and secure the exchange of business information between people and systems.

Business operations rely on the digital exchange of business data and documents between diverse systems, applications and organizations. This digital exchange faces many barriers, including legacy systems that cannot communicate, differing exchange protocols and formats and file sizes that exceed processing limitations. Organizations need integration solutions to overcome these barriers and enable efficient, secure information exchange between people and systems.

OpenText integration software solutions deliver on-premises control and security for B2B and application integration, data translation and managed file transfer (MFT) to exchange any document type or size.

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OpenText integration software overview

OpenText integration software solutions support data integration for transaction intensive business processes within the enterprise and with the business partner ecosystem. It provides a single integration platform enabling the direct, secure exchange of data, files and documents between diverse applications across the enterprise and its trading partners. With powerful any-to-any data translation and protocol remediation, integration software supports data transformation and integration between any mixture of data formats, applications and systems.

OpenText integration software features

Any-to-any exchange

Supports both structured and unstructured data exchange between business partners and internal applications, whether in the cloud or on-premises.

Integration automation

Automates information exchange through scheduling and event-driven processes. Includes machine-learning features, including map intuition, interface intuition and rule intuition, that accelerate data integration and migration projects.

Trading partner management

Simplifies the connectivity and ongoing management of complex trading partner communities. Eases new trading partner setup and manages ongoing changes to trading partner profiles.

API-based integration

Leverages a comprehensive set of APIs and tools to integrate with existing back-office systems. Applies business rules to automate B2B and application-to-application (A2A) data exchange and file transfers without manual intervention.

OpenText integration software benefits

Reduce complexity

Centralize integration and collaboration to send information in any format to all trading partners, customers and other stakeholders.

Improve security

Protect and secure information with data encryption and control its flow with full auditability.

Consolidation and modernization

Implement a consolidated, modern solution for all business integration needs, whether application-to-application, department-to-department or business-to-business.

Increase efficiency, reduce costs

Improve communication and collaboration with trading partners to increase business process efficiency. Eliminate manual processes and data keying to reduce errors and cost.

Boost flexibility and support growth

Meet current and future business integration needs, bringing scalability and fault-tolerance to B2B data and communications. Support transaction volume and business partner connection growth with flexible, scalable software.

OpenText integration software solutions

  • B2B gateway

    OpenText™ BizManager™ is an integrated, comprehensive B2B gateway that includes MFT, B2B messaging, mapping and translation, tracking, auditing, security and compliance.

    Adopt a single B2B gateway

    Adopt a single B2B gateway
  • Data transformation tools

    OpenText™ Contivo™ is a data transformation tool used to create specifications for data usage, mapping and translation between various structured formats and standards.

    Reconcile data diversity

    Reconcile diversity with data transformation tools
  • Managed file transfer

    OpenText managed file transfer solutions provide a cost-effective alternative to securely exchange information of all types and sizes.

    Reduce file exchange risk

    Reduce file exchange risk with managed file transfer

Reduce integration costs

Learn data integration strategies that can cut costs by up to 65% with managed services.

Reduce integration costs

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