Lab information exchange

Secure lab report distribution from clinics to providers with lab information exchange solutions

Healthcare relies on labs for diagnostics to guide patient health. With the number of clinical lab tests rising while test reimbursements are cut, clinical labs are forced to find new efficiencies. Lab report distribution among physicians, hospitals and medical facilities represents a significant cost saving opportunity.

Laboratories require a digital clinical report distribution solution that is fast, secure and compliant. Labs favor cloud-based solutions over internal IT investment for their cost, scalability, performance, security and future-proofing benefits.

OpenText™ MedNX is a unified, secure cloud platform that enables the receipt and delivery of clinical laboratory reports across multiple endpoints, independent of the remote device, printer, application, connectivity or file format used by clients.

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OpenText MedNX overview

MedNX is a private, cloud-based document delivery solution for secure lab information exchange, enabling connectivity to virtually any remote device and endpoint. MedNX sends patient documents to printers not in the local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN), enabling remote printing from electronic medical record systems (EMR), enterprise resource planning (ERP) or other systems to help automate document exchange and streamline the care process.

OpenText MedNX features

High remote print quality

Prints precise, detailed, full-color lab test results on a remote color printer for a better representation of an individual’s health status and a more accurate diagnosis.

Provider onboarding

Allows labs to more quickly acquire customers and care for patients with no need to change technology, infrastructure or processes.

Access control

Configures levels of access control, from end-user client to the sender to OpenText administrators, and interface with the sender’s access management systems (Active Directory, LDAP) to comply with sender access policies.

Document handling

Converts, renders and delivers files based on endpoint capability validation in formats, including PDF, PCL, PostScript, TIFF, raw ASCII or binary, XML, Base64 encoded files, HL7 (versions 2 and 3), CCD, CDA, CCR and X12.

Remote printing

Delivers patient information to any printer that is not in the LAN or WAN.

Laboratory information system integration

Integrates with any application generating documents with bi-directional interfaces or document submission only.

OpenText MedNX benefits

Lower costs

Eliminate dedicated outbound and remote telecommunication costs associated with an on-premises report distribution infrastructure.

Simplify document distribution

Enable point-to-point connectivity across multiple distribution formats.

Increase scalability and flexibility

Meet unique requirements with flexible delivery options, including remote printing, fax and electronic file delivery to EMRs. Scale to accommodate virtually any file size and workload volume.

Improve security, compliance and auditability

Comply with Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) and College of American Pathologists (CAP) guidelines. Leverage the highest levels of security to ensure that all sensitive data is fully protected in transit and at rest. Benefit from comprehensive audit features to ensure reliable delivery, including confirmation of delivery, realtime tracking and detailed status feedback.

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