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Calculate the potential ROI from OpenText EMR-Link

Fill in the values for the three fields below for your lab. Lab savings using OpenText EMR-Link will be calculated using typical assumptions. If you want to view or change the assumptions, click here to show/hide assumptions.

Total lab orders:
% of lab orders covered by Medicare: %
Average hourly wage for lab staff:$

Reduced data entry

% of lab orders that have to be hand-entered at accessioning: %Minutes to enter one lab order:

Fewer order errors

% data entry errors: %Minutes to correct the error:

Reduced Medicare callbacks

% Medicare lab orders missing diagnosis requiring callback: %Minutes for one clinic callback:

Reduce IT maintenance of lab interfaces

Number of clinics with connectivity:Hours per month to support each clinic:

Reduced Medicare write-offs

% of Medicare lab requisitions written off due to missing diagnosis: %Avg $ cost of one lab req:

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