Covisint Connect


Covisint Connect

Thank you for choosing Covisint Connect as your data messaging solution. The registration process is a series of simple steps that will take a few moments to complete. You will enjoy the benefits of Covisint Connect shortly.

  • STEP 1 – Are you already registered with Covisint? If you already have a Covisint User ID and password, enter it at this point. If your information is correct and current, you can jump to Step 4.
  • Begin Covisint Connect setup…
  • STEP 2 – Find your organization If you’re not registered with Covisint, you can search for your company’s organization within the Covisint system. If you can find your organization, a security administrator from your company will approve your request for Covisint Connect. If you cannot find your organization in the system, you can create a new organization.
  • STEP 3 – Enter user information Enter your personal profile information. This includes creating a new Covisint User ID and Password.
  • STEP 4 – Service Agreement and Rate Schedule To register for Covisint Connect, you must accept both the Service Agreement and Rate Schedule. After concluding Step 4 of the registration process, you must either wait for your organization’s security administrator to approve your request (for existing organizations), or receive approval from a Covisint administrator (for a new organization). You will be notified of the administrator’s decision via e-mail. Learn more about billing further down this page.
  • STEP 5 – Profile setup After you are approved to use Covisint Connect, you will receive a notification e-mail that will contain a direct link into the system’s user interface. You will be prompted to login and configure your trading partner profile. This includes creating a trading partner profile name, entering your sender and receiver codes and billing information.
  • STEP 6 – Connection method You can configure a connection method for sending and receiving transactions. You will be asked to provide such information as your communications software provider, connection method (FTP, HTTP(S), or WebSphere MQ ™) and payment account information for the connection request process. If you’re unfamiliar with your connection method, you can skip this step.
  • STEP 7 – Relationship requests If you were invited to register by an existing trading partner or would like to locate a trading partner, then you can complete a relationship request as part of your set-up. To do this, you must provide the appropriate sender and receiver codes, payment options and any mapping or custom processing requests. You can skip this step if you don’t need to locate a trading partner at this time.
After you complete the registration process, you will have access to your trading partner profile in Covisint Connect. Begin Covisint Connect setup…

About Billing

  • All services will be invoiced at the completion of the calendar month with net 30 terms.
  • Some services are billed on a kilocharacter basis and rounded to the nearest whole digit. Covisint measures a kilocharacter as 1,000 bytes of data.
  • All services will be billed in either US Dollars or Euros based on the country found in the billing address.
  • All service charges may be aggregated to a single billing location with trading profiles for each plant location. You are given the option to select a billing location when establishing a new trading partner profile.
  • All fees for connections to ANX, ENX, JNX or On-Ramp providers are exclusive of fees that may be assessed by those providers.
  • VAN Interconnect fees are for total kilocharacters sent and received and are invoiced by Covisint.

About Pricing

Covisint Connect service pricing has three components:
  • Service initiation fee Based on the specific type of service.
  • Transaction fee Based on the kilocharacters processed each month and the format of the data (XML vs. Non-XML).
  • Special processing There will be an additional charge for documents that are translated by the Covisint Hub enroute to a trading partner.