Managed file transfer

Modernize, consolidate and secure large file transfer across the enterprise

Managed file transfer (MFT) solutions empower organizations to securely share files between systems and users. As file types, sizes and volumes increase at an exponential rate, traditional exchange methods, such as email and FTP, are neither safe nor practical for sensitive or proprietary content. MFT software and cloud services facilitate fast, secure and reliable critical information exchange, such as CAD/CAM designs, healthcare records, financial information or human resources files. Modern MFT solutions also provide trading partner onboarding, data visibility and compliance audit support.

OpenText™ Managed File Transfer solutions, available as software or cloud-based managed services (MFTaaS), provide a cost-effective and secure alternative to exchange information of all types and sizes.

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OpenText MFT solutions overview

OpenText MFT solutions leverage powerful software and a reliable and scalable cloud integration platform to reduce the cost and complexity of transferring files within and between organizations. With OpenText MFT solutions, organizations can perform high-volume automated file transfers between systems, sites, Lines-of-Business and external partners and support user-driven communication and portal-based file sharing.

OpenText MFT solutions features

Flexible deployment options

Processes high volume file transfers with no file size restriction as on-premises software or a cloud-native managed services solution.

Secure protocol support

Uses encrypted file transfer protocols, such as AS2, FTPS, HTTPS and SFTP, to securely transfer files over public and private networks.

Fast large file transfer

Exchanges large and rich media documents with a proprietary acceleration protocol, OpenText Fuel, that transfers files up to 80 times faster than FTP or HTTP.

B2B transaction exchange

Provides an integrated platform that supports both structured and unstructured data, including invoices, ASNs, CAD drawings and video files, and automates information exchange through scheduling and event-driven processes.

Ad hoc transfers

Sends and receives files quickly and securely from anywhere at any time to improve efficiency and collaboration. Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook or any web browser for ease of use, while overcoming the file size limitations common with email applications and browsers.

Automated alerts and retries

Delivers configurable failure notifications and retry attempts to manage by exception.

Key brokering management

Ensures data is encrypted with patented broker technology, manages and protects encryption keys and provides cryptography policy mediation.

OpenText MFT solutions benefits

Future proof file transfer

Meet current and future information exchange needs as the business grows. Add scalability and fault-tolerance to file exchanges that grow with transaction volumes.

Improve security and compliance

Support the most secure data transfer standards available, with encryption, non-repudiation and digital certificates for authentication.

Increase user adoption

Eliminate users sharing enterprise information through non-secured methods by deploying a single, user-friendly solution for the entire organization.

Increase efficiency, reduce costs

Replace manual with digital information exchange to improve communication and collaboration with trading partners, increase the speed and accuracy of business transactions, reduce cycle time and speed time to revenue.

OpenText MFT solutions

  • B2B gateway

    OpenText™ BizManager provides B2B integration, data translation and managed file transfer (MFT) to exchange any document type or size in a single, integrated platform.

    Secure large file exchange

    Secure large file exchange with B2B gateway
  • Cloud-based MFT

    OpenText™ Alloy offers companies an MFTaaS solution to exchange information of all types with a secure machine-to-machine file transfer solution.

    Enable cloud-based MFT

    Enable cloud-based MFT
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