Operational intelligence

Ensure B2B data is timely, accurate and complete to identify and resolve supply chain disruption

Increasing demands on supply chains during the COVID-19 pandemic, make realtime, accurate visibility and insights paramount to maintaining business continuity. Spotting and resolving inevitable problems in complex business processes can mean the difference surviving and thriving in today’s business environment.

OpenText™ Active Intelligence analyzes B2B transactions in realtime and applies process-specific business rules to proactively gain visibility, facilitating a collaborative and timely resolution of issues within key B2B business processes.

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OpenText Active Intelligence overview

OpenText™ Active Intelligence is a cloud-based solution designed to improve the quality and timeliness of B2B transactions. The highly-configurable solution applies both document and business process rule validation to proactively recognize business-impacting problems. With a suite of exception management, collaboration and reporting capabilities, Active Intelligence can effectively resolve and remove repeat issues from the business process altogether.

Active Intelligence monitors B2B transactions in realtime as they flow through the OpenText™ Trading Grid to ensure they are accurate and comply with process-specific business rules. The solution notifies key users with alerts when transactions are not accurate or do not comply with business policies, providing the critical visibility needed for efficient and effective B2B operations.

OpenText Active Intelligence features

Realtime business rule validation

Validates B2B transactions, such as advance shipment notifications (ASNs), flowing through Trading Grid in realtime against configured business rules. The Active Intelligence rules engine applies validation against specific business process rules to yield the highest level of visibility and process adherence.

Email alert notifications and production issue workflow engine

Manages issues with a flexible workflow engine that supports complex exception management processes, including generating production issues and alerts directly within operational systems for exceptions that require user intervention.

Reporting, analytics and scorecards

Uses automated reporting to provide visibility to partner performance and key metrics. Reports can be customized, shared, subscribed to, exported and drilled in to for easy collaboration with partners on issues. Graphical views make it easy to comprehend output and recognize trends, while scorecards provide key performance indicators (KPIs) specific to the business to share with partners for increased partner compliance.


Suspends in-flight documents for realtime validation, and rejects upon critical failure, to prevent bad data from entering back-office applications.

OpenText Active Intelligence benefits

Increase visibility

Enable a consolidated view of all transactions within a lifecycle, making research and confirmation of issues and exceptions quick and easy.

Shorten time to resolution

Immediately notify appropriate users of issues to remediate issues in a timely manner—and before they impact the business.

Improve partner collaboration

Provide full process clarity to avoid disputes and improve partner relationships with realtime collaboration and shared visibility.

Increase process efficiency

Automate the enforcement of business process requirements to ensure streamlined operations and maximize efficiency.

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