B2B integration outsourcing for SMBs

Offers any size company access to enterprise grade B2B integration capabilities

Many small and midsize businesses (SMBs) lack the internal Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and integration skills to manage complex business transactions with their customers. Filling this skills gap is crucial if SMBs are to grow and win new business.

OpenText™ Managed Services-Foundation (MS-Foundation) empowers any size of company to leverage a suite of powerful self-service tools, trading partner kits and ERP adaptors to onboard, integrate and manage trading partner engagement and associated activities. Allowing them to free up more time to focus on other core business activities.

OpenText MS-Foundation overview

OpenText MS-Foundation offers companies of any size proven enterprise grade integration capabilities that seamlessly connect them with customers, logistics carriers, distributors, suppliers, and financial institutions anywhere in the world.

MS-Foundation allows businesses to connect with up to 50 trading partners and create up to 100 document maps. Using a suite of self-service tools, users are empowered to manage different aspects of their integration environment themselves. Pre-packaged tools, including a library of application adaptors helps seamlessly integrate to back-office systems, such as ERP, for a faster “time to live”.

With MS-Foundation, companies of any size have access to a highly available and truly global cloud integration infrastructure, OpenText™ Trading Grid™, that already has more than one million pre-connected trading partners. It also allows them to leverage other at-cost services. Companies can simplify digitizing and optimizing all information flows to build a digital foundation on which to grow business activities.

45% of SMB companies were looking for improved B2B integration to support new digital transformation initiatives

Source: IDG MarketPulse Research, B2B Integration Strategy on behalf of OpenText, July 2021

OpenText MS-Foundation features

Self-service tools

Quickly gets businesses set up with AS2, SFTP, FTPS or HTTPS based communications and simplifies integration environment management. Accelerates new trading partner onboarding through its self-service registration and configuration portal.

Trading Partner kits

Accelerates connectivity with important trading partners using pre-built ‘kits’ that contain the documents and communication protocol support typically required to trade electronically with a specific partner across multiple industries such as retail, automotive and high tech.


Utilizes OpenText™ Trading Grid™ Messaging Service, a global value-added network (VAN) to exchange business information quickly, and in a secure manner, anywhere in the world.

Data translation

Implements up to 100 document maps within the MS-Foundation environment.

Trading Partner connectivity

Allows point to point information exchange with up to 50 trading partners using a variety of internet communication standards, such as AS2, SFTP, FTPS and HTTPS.

Visibility and analytics

Uses OpenText™ Lens™ to configure intuitive executive dashboards to monitor transaction flows across extended business environments for real-time document and transaction visibility.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration

Leverage a suite of pre-built ERP adaptors to seamlessly integrate external business environments with popular small business ERP environments, such as Oracle Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP S/4HANA®.

Global support

Rely on experienced OpenText integration specialists for comprehensive, multilingual, 24×5 reactive support as standard. 24×5 proactive and 24×7 reactive support are available as at cost options.

77% of SMB companies would select a B2B integration vendor based on their ability to offer self-service tools

Source: IDG MarketPulse Research, B2B Integration Strategy on behalf of OpenText, July 2021

Outsourced Integration for Larger Enterprises

MS-Foundation is part of a suite of outsourced integration services that support companies of any size. MS-Enterprise extends integration capabilities by offering a full managed service which includes access to an extensive Professional Services team that can take care of integration needs, allowing organizations to focus on core business activities. MS-Enterprise also offers an any-to-any approach when it comes to supporting industry or regional document formats and communication protocol support.

OpenText MS-Foundation benefits

Improve operations

Digitize all transactions across trading partners, automating B2B services and processes to gain new efficiencies.

Lower operational costs

Get a long term, lower cost approach to managing B2B integration projects.

Modernize infrastructure

Access a future-proofed cloud integration infrastructure with the flexibility to scale according to business needs.

Accelerate time to market

Achieve faster “time to live”, obtain new customers and enter new markets more quickly than competitors.

Scaled integration resources

Leverage additional services and increase the number of trading partners or maps supported as business needs change.

Augment integration skills

Fill resource and integration skills gaps to allow IT to focus on other projects.

Improve transaction visibility

Obtain rich insights from across the end-to-end digital supply chain.

58% of SMB companies said that a lack of staff bandwidth was hindering their efforts to manage B2B integration projects

Source: IDG MarketPulse, Taking a Managed Services Approach to Complex Integration, September 2021

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