Partner file transfer

Improve B2B transaction management and visibility by digitizing partner communities with a simple, drag-and-drop partner file transfer solution

Many companies have established a streamlined B2B program to digitally connect with their larger trading partners and corporates. Yet, most still receive a significant amount of emails, faxes and paper documents that require time-consuming, error-prone manual processing.

OpenText Core for Trading Grid is a cloud-based partner file transfer solution that enables a company’s small- to medium-sized business (SMB) trading partners and corporates to use a secure folder-based application to send business documents directly to the OpenText Trading Grid network.

One digital ecosystem for trading partners

Bridge the digital supply chain gap: How-to tips for digital collaboration with non-digital trading partners

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OpenText Core for Trading Grid overview

Core for Trading Grid provides an easy and secure path for SMBs to electronically send business documents directly into internal business systems. A partner file transfer solution, such as Core for Trading Grid, enables trading partners and corporates to easily drag and drop purchase orders, payment files or other documents into a secure folder-based application. Those files then flow through OpenText™ Trading Grid and on to recipients in EDI, XML or any other desired format, just like any other transaction file. Core for Trading Grid offers companies and their SMB partners a streamlined process, improved data quality and visibility into their transactions.

As a leader in digital business integration, OpenText offers a portfolio of digital onboarding solutions to extend the use of OpenText Trading Grid, the world’s largest B2B integration network. With partner file transfer, companies take the next steps toward 100% digital onboarding, consolidate all business transactions from large and small businesses into one place, and improve transaction visibility and business process efficiency.

OpenText Core for Trading Grid features

Multiple user access

Provide access to multiple users within the partner company, allowing people with different permissions to check the document exchange status.

Flexible file exchange options

Choose from several easy options to exchange files, including drag and drop within a web portal, drag and drop into a desktop Core folder or capture and transfer within the mobile app.

Partner invitations

Onboard partners quickly by simply sending an email invitation within Core for Trading Grid.

OpenText Core for Trading Grid benefits

Expand digital communities

Begin trading digitally with the entire community regardless of size or sophistication level of the trading partner or corporate.

Improve transaction security and visibility

Consolidate and secure all transactions within the Trading Grid for improved end-to-end visibility and streamlined operations management.

Increase business process efficiency

Automate time-consuming tasks, avoid error-prone manual entry and identify any errors early to ensure they are reprocessed quickly and keep business running smoothly and customers happy.

Ease digital adoption with user flexibility

Provide partners with familiar, non-technical processes and several access options, including a web portal, desktop folder sync and mobile, to ease solution adopting into their normal business process.

One digital ecosystem for trading partners

Bridge the digital supply chain gap: How-to tips for digital collaboration with non-digital trading partners.

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