Product catalogue management

Efficient product catalogue management delivers streamlined product information sharing with global trading communities, yielding increased speed to market for products

Success in retail depends on collaborative product catalogue information management. Merchandise selection, planning, purchasing, inventory management and logistics all rely on accurate initial item setup, as well as ongoing updates to item data. But, the global nature of retail has given rise to a variety of data standards and means of synchronizing product catalogue information, making it increasingly complex to ensure data accuracy.

OpenText™ Active Catalogue enables item data and image synchronization for the retail industry with an unmatched ability to synchronize large scale product volume, managing more than 190 million unique items.

OpenText Active Catalogue overview

OpenText™ Active Catalogue is the retail industry’s leading, cloud-based item data and image synchronization service. Active Catalogue allows marketers, manufacturers and suppliers to share their latest product information on more than 700 product attributes and images, such as price, style, color and size, with retailers.

A complete solution for item setup and synchronization, Active Catalogue supports the latest GS1 System global standards and initiatives. With more than 190 million current and unique items from more than 5,500 vendors, manufacturers, suppliers and their retail customers, Active Catalogue has the retail industry’s largest cloud-based catalog of product information. Active Catalogue’s unsurpassed breadth and reliability makes it the cornerstone for global retail product synchronization.

With a proven track record for enabling retail supply chain automation, Active Catalogue ensures fast, reliable product catalogue setup and support to reduce time to market and drive increased sales.

OpenText Active Catalogue features

Product and item data synchronization

Allows retailers to subscribe to catalog updates from their supplier community and lets suppliers publish their catalogs to multiple retailers simultaneously.

Extended attributes to support all levels of omnichannel commerce

Uses an extended set of attributes, from “heel height” to “boot leg circumference”, to provide all the information retailers need to support B2C e-commerce storefronts.

Images and QR codes

Enables the exchange of unstructured data, such as stock photography, QR codes and media files, for online shopping sites, print catalogs or in-store kiosks.

1WorldSync interoperability

Incorporates certified interoperability to the 1WorldSync GS1 GDSN-certified data pool so suppliers can publish data not only to retailers using OpenText Active Catalogue, but also to those retailers using 1WorldSync.

Data validation

Leverages standard and extended validations to control data formats and content for GTINs, dates, industry code lists, country of origin and minimum order quantity.

Multiple connectivity options

Includes a variety of connectivity options for both large and small trading partners, including EDI 832, PRICAT, qXML, file upload, as well as a web portal.

OpenText Active Catalogue data synchronization benefits

Increase revenue and productivity

Automate supply chain processes, such as item setup and maintenance, promotional price management and product marketing content management for increased revenue and greater productivity.

Gain easy access to product information and images

Get a centralized single source of information across the retail supply chain for increased efficiency. For retailers, having a single source for high quality and current product information is key to selling products.

Speed time to revenue

Accelerate product sales with automated setup, multiple ways to access and enter information and the flexibility to support a wide range of product information. All playing a critical role in how fast products can be taken to market for retailers and vendors.

Improved data quality and access management

Ensure complete and accurate information with data quality validation on product information and images to reduce lead times and expedite time to market. Set retailer access to specific supplier product information to control the brand through consistent dissemination of product information.

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