Supply Chain Risk Management

Increase trust and security for better supply chain risk management

Business leaders and procurement executives struggle to get a clear picture of risk across their supply chains and partner networks. Traditional methods of aggregating and maintaining risk profile data manually across hundreds or thousands of suppliers and partners do not scale. The high cost and impact of diverting human capital away from strategic initiatives often results in “skimming the surface” of the true risk lurking within a supply chain. In fact, 65% of firms have no visibility beyond tier one suppliers1. Data collection errors and outdated information further cloud this limited view of risk, contaminating the conclusions and validity of supplier and partner onboarding compliance efforts. As sanctions increase year-over-year, organizations need to take immediate action.

Build trust across supplier ecosystems

The modern supply chain is a complex ecosystem founded on trust, with success dependent on each company working together at an increasingly rapid rate to deliver a finished product or service. Breaching even part of the trust within the supply chain leaves the entire ecosystem vulnerable, highlighting the importance of detecting behavior, credit worthiness, environmental and ethical practices changes in a company’s risk profile early.

Foreseeing forces of change, warning signs of “at risk” suppliers and other indicators help manage disruption and create trust in a supply chain, fostering more reliable and efficient operations. Secure, automated and intelligent processes build trust into a supply chain, creating a wide and deep picture of risk with minimal effort.

OpenText Integrity overview

OpenText Integrity™ seamlessly integrates with OpenText supplier portal solutions to mitigate risks posed by trading partners and protect the health and continuity of supply chains and partner ecosystems. Integrity offers businesses a scalable, affordable solution for streamlining trading partner risk management and compliance across the entire source-to-payment process.

Underpinned by OpenText’s Identity and Access Management platform, Integrity manages and enforces trust relationships with every organization, person, system and thing within the ecosystem. Risk monitoring and reporting becomes more strategic and extends to any or all trading partners, fraud and corruption prevention initiatives can be more effective and less costly and access can be automatically secured, audited and governed for complete visibility into the supply chain.

Through a partnership with MasterCard, Integrity includes Mastercard Track™, a suite of global B2B payments information solutions designed to transform interactions between buyers and suppliers to reduce complexity, cut costs and automate processes. The combined solution creates an always-on, always-current picture of risk across trading partners and suppliers that is backed by a single, unified source of truth–the MasterCard Track Trade Directory, a permissioned repository of more than 220 million registered entities worldwide fueled by more than 20,000 business information sources spanning 171 countries.

OpenText Integrity features

Business identity and credentials

Helps protect against invoice fraud and streamlines AP processes by leveraging a secure, centralized repository for supplier details. Offers a single source of truth based on a continuously verified list of 220 million+ businesses. Automatically solicits legal entity documentation from all trading partners and maintains in a centralized location.

Proactively monitor trading partners

Monitors supplier credit worthiness, corporate responsibility, sanctions and other risk indicators from more than 3,400 sanction, watch and law enforcement lists, including adverse media. Automatically creates, tracks and updates trading partner risk profiles.

Master data cleansing

Reduces duplicate records and data variances that can result in delayed payments, over payments, inaccurate decisions and other evils of bad data. Uses a patented record-matching algorithm to cleanse supplier and partner profile data and identify and optionally correct errors, inconsistencies and duplicates.

Seamless user experience

Integrates with OpenText supplier portals and collaborative ecosystems to enable self-service lookups and administrative functions within the Integrity user interface.

OpenText Integrity benefits

Minimize uncertainty and risk in global supply chains

Add real-time supplier risk assessments to supply chain operations and processes. Maximize supply chain continuity and availability by continually evaluating risk indicators to identify new threats and opportunities.

Secure trading partner relationships

Establish and manage trusted relationships with each organization throughout the ecosystem. Automatically secure access across all business entities and users, from product design to purchasing to distribution to customer service.

Frictionless, strong security

Offers a secure, login-free experience to access all authorized applications after an initial authentication. Adapts authentication requirements in realtime in response to situational risk factors. Reduces risk of data breach from unauthorized and excessive access.

Shape and protect public perception

See how a business is portrayed across information directories, media and other sources to protect brands in a digital world.

Avoid business disruption and penalties

Proactively monitor suppliers, vendors and partners for credit worthiness, sanctions, financials, reputation, leadership changes and other indicators. Automatically receive alerts when business indicator status changes.

Maximize negotiating power

Benchmark company risk profiles to identify and remedy areas of concern, maintain compliance and present the strongest image to current and potential partners.

Accelerate supplier onboarding

Speed and simplify the due diligence process when evaluating and selecting new suppliers. Automatically aggregate essential, current data to perform risk assessments and eliminate additional background checks and credit score fees.

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1 65% of U.S. firms don’t screen beyond Tier One suppliers Deloitte, “The Deloitte Global CPO Survey,” 2018