IoT device security

Enable zero-trust processes to scrutinize every person, system and device in the connected IoT ecosystem

Securing IoT devices and their data streams is critical. IoT initiatives require integration between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) to deliver critical data, without compromising security or accessibility. Without secure device management, IoT data and the processes that rely on it are at risk of cyberattacks. Secure IoT relies on implementing a zero-trust process that leverages an identity-centric approach to secure devices, the information coming from the devices and the identities of the people with access to this information.

OpenText™ Secure IoT Device Management enables zero-trust, fine-grained control of IoT devices and data.

OpenText Secure IoT Device Management overview

Secure Device Management for IoT takes an identity-centric approach to IoT, making the platform ready to integrate securely to enterprise applications. The IoT platform leverages relationship and lifecycle management to enable organizations to register, authenticate and authorize all interactions between people, systems and things. The platform manages the identity of a device throughout its lifecycle and is critical to the security across the entire digital ecosystem. IoT device security offers companies the ability to manage the relationship that a device has with anyone or anything across the extended network.

IoT Device Security features

Ecosystem templates

Allows solution developers to quickly define how instances of ecosystems operate using a digital twin accelerator and data governance feature.

Dynamic security context

Dynamically sets data access authorization policies on ecosystem relationships between people, systems and things.

Device governance

Governs how devices and their associated data streams are defined and managed across their lifecycle.

Ecosystem lifecycle management

Manages the lifecycle of IoT devices, sensors and gateways as part of a connected ecosystem from the time of discovery to decommission.

Membership management

Manages people, system and device memberships across the full IoT network.

Business rules

Performs proactive actions via a robust workflow engine that enables real-time decisions based on sensor events.

Device management

Provisions and manages devices in the ecosystem, including a registry to represent, track and maintain metadata related to a device.

Secure IoT Device Management Benefits

Decrease security risk

Implement zero-trust security measures to verify devices, people, systems and things, and verify entities are who/what they claim to be before allowing interaction with other entities.

Extend support across the enterprise

Allow the integration and trusted exchange of device information to downstream enterprise applications.

Improve permissions and privacy management

Define and manage the types of entities that can participate in an IoT network. For example, support transient users who need infrequent or periodic access to device information. Automate common provisioning, de-provisioning, lifecycles and event-based tasks.

Improve data access audit

Rapidly identify exposed data and who had access to the data in the event of a cyberattack. Pinpoint controls and remediation where it is needed to avoid shutting down entire operations.

Trusted and proven

Managing more than 60 million digital identities, the OpenText™ IoT Platform has the proven scalability to secure today’s complex ecosystems of people, systems and things.

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