Secure IoT network

Combine a private, secure IoT network with a comprehensive identity-driven Industrial IoT (IIoT) platform to support the operation, maintenance and support of industrial equipment and machinery

Industry 4.0 is transforming how organizations in almost every industrial sector operate. However, with the vulnerabilities and risks of exchanging sensitive, mission-critical industrial information over the public Internet, security and performance remain major barriers. Industrial manufacturers require secure connectivity, performance and scalability to successfully implement Industrial IoT across production, supply chain and field operations.

OpenText™ Industrial Grid is a private, cloud-based and secure IoT network designed specifically to support the high-performance point-to-point exchange of industrial related information, including IoT sensor data from production, plant and remotely monitored equipment. Industrial Grid securely exchanges information related to the ‘digital twin’ of a physical piece of equipment or serviceable asset, including 3D CAD, maintenance and multi-media related information.

OpenText Industrial Grid overview

OpenText Industrial Grid provides a dedicated, secure network for Industrial IoT environments, such as industrial plants or remotely monitored equipment, such as wind turbines, power units or oil drills. It combines the power of a global, private cloud network designed specifically for industrial applications, with the advanced identity-driven capabilities of the OpenText Internet of Things platform.

The secure IoT network delivers the performance, scalability and global reach of the cloud, without the security and data management risks of public cloud implementations. Industrial Grid is optimized to securely exchange all types of industrial data and content, from IoT sensor data to large CAD files and video. An integrated IoT platform, Industrial Grid provides a centralized, end-to-end device management solution for an entire Industry 4.0 infrastructure.

Features OpenText ANX Network Public Internet
Multiple Bandwidth Options    
Bandwidth Guarantees   not included
Security of Data   not included
End 2 End SLA   not included
Fast Response for Support   not included
QoS Traffic Prioritization   not included
Certified End Point Management   not included
Traceability   not included
Latency Guarantees   not included
Accessible by Search Engines not included  
SPAM – Viruses – Adware not included  

Figure 1: Industrial Grid delivers levels of security and performance the public Cloud cannot match

OpenText Industrial Grid features

Private and secure network

Delivers the latest in web-based encryption to protect data in transit, while certificate-based authentication ensures that the data is only shared between authorized entities.

Identity management

Manages the credentials of every person, system and thing in their varying states within the identity lifecycle.

Authorization and access control

Validates and verifies data access rights of every entity on the IIoT network. Fine-grained and contextual access control ensures data security and auditability.

Secure device management

Securely manages all IoT devices throughout their entire lifecycle, from initial provisioning to final removal from the network.

IIoT ecosystem integration

Exchanges and integrates IIoT data across devices and systems, eliminating the complexity of creating and syndicating integrations for machine-to-machine, machine-to-people or machine-to-application scenarios.

Unified messaging

Aggregates information from different IIoT sources to obtain a single data feed for analysis or archiving.

Actionable insight

Collects, analyzes and normalizes IIoT data from a broad range of sources to create realtime, interactive and easy-to-use visualizations, reports and dashboards.

Information and operation technology integration

Retro-fits production, supply chain and field operational assets with IoT sensors to facilitate the information and operation technology (OT) integration, while maximizing the use of existing investments.

OpenText Industrial Grid benefits

Enhance security

Get the performance and scalability benefits of a cloud infrastructure, without exposing the business to the security and privacy risks of the public Internet.

Retrofit legacy operational technology to maximize performance

Connect and integrate existing operational technology to enable new processes and business models that support Industry 4.0 initiatives.

Increase operational efficiency

Simulate and learn how to improve asset, system, device or processes through the use of digital twins.

Enhanced business models

Implement and deliver new service offerings from previously static products and processes.

Enhance customer experience

Achieve higher brand loyalty with customers.

Improve reaction time

Recognize failures and implement condition-based preventative maintenance.

Gain intelligence

Gain realtime insights to remediate operational bottlenecks and other process inefficiencies.

Ensure compliance

Comply with customer, industry and country mandates though secure data collection and audit.

Partner with a trusted global leader

Leverage the world’s largest private network, with global data centers delivering business continuity. Ensure IIoT network performance to levels required with guaranteed SLAs.

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