Secure EDI web forms

Replace paper business documents from smaller businesses with secure web forms to automatically populate data into backend systems

Digital transformation enables 100% community digitization of smaller trading partners and corporates to connect to purchasing systems. However, many small companies are deterred by the cost and complexity of digital trading and still prefer fax, email and phone.

OpenText Intelligent Web Forms enables efficient, simple EDI and XML exchanges between trading partners and corporates of all sizes through customized secure web forms.

One digital ecosystem for trading partners

Bridge the digital supply chain gap: How-to tips for digital collaboration with non-digital trading partners

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OpenText Intelligent Web Forms overview

Intelligent Web Forms easily connects smaller suppliers with customers to begin digitally trading business documents. Smaller suppliers send and receive key business documents, such as purchase orders, advanced shipping notices and invoices, through secure EDI web forms that are customized to look like their paper equivalents.

Intelligent Web Forms extends the reach of OpenText B2B Managed Services and can be integrated with other OpenText applications to enable time-saving, pre-populated online web forms that ensure accuracy with realtime look up.

As a leader in digital business integration, OpenText offers a portfolio of digital onboarding solutions to extend access to OpenText Trading Grid, the largest B2B integration network. Secure web forms take any size organization closer to 100% digital onboarding, consolidate all business transactions from large and small businesses into one place and improve transaction visibility and business process efficiency.

OpenText Intelligent Web Forms features

Intuitive user interface

Secure web forms solution interface

Easily view and manage documents through a simple and intuitive cloud-based user interface, such as the document manager tool, and receive alerts when new documents are created, viewed or changed.

Flip a PO into an invoice

Secure web forms solution invoice feature

Effortlessly convert documents, for example turning a purchase order into an invoice, in just a few clicks. Use online web form templates to avoid re-keying and minimize data errors. Access built-in data validation to increase data accuracy and speed business processes.

Document transfer

Secure web forms solution document sharing feature

Print, share and transfer documents with the ability to save as comma-separated files, Adobe® PDF, or XML. Attach files and add comments to forms to keep all pertaining information in one place.

ASN, barcode and packing options

Secure web forms solution ASN, barcode and packing options

Quickly create customer-compliant shipping labels, scan barcodes and associate packages onto pallets and provide cross-docking at the pallet level to pack as efficiently as possible.

Customizable and pre-populated online web forms

Use customized forms or choose template and pre-populated forms, enabled with OpenText Active Catalogue product catalogue look-up functionality, to ensure consistency and reduce manual effort.

Self-service capabilities

Leverage simple online registration to onboard and activate new suppliers in minutes. Partners are able to administer their own accounts to ensure that profile and pricing information remains accurate.

Visual dashboards

Enable suppliers and customers to view and manage transaction status at a glance with intuitive dashboards that show incoming documents, sent documents and documents in drafts. Give buyers access to the Trading Grid Analytics dashboard for a visual summary of all their transactions.

Flexible user management with multiple language support

Setup multi-user accounts to define user privileges based on their roles within the organization and personalize the forms interface to specific users. Work in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Japanese.

OpenText Intelligent Web Forms benefits

Increase supplier adoption

Remove adoption barriers to enable 100% supplier enablement and B2B connectivity. Intelligent Web Forms require no desktop software or EDI or XML experience, making it suitable for companies with limited budgets or resources.

Increase business process efficiency

Eliminate error-prone and resource-intensive manual processing of fax and email. Documents can be quickly and securely created, managed, printed and shared. Automate workflows to streamline and improve key supply chain processes.

Improve transaction visibility

Automate the process of monitoring and analyzing business transactions in real time. An embedded analytics dashboard provides an easy-to-use interface for deeper analytical insights over all transactions, including those sent via fax and email.

Improve accuracy and ease of use with pre-populated and visually familiar forms

Quickly and easily replicate any type of business document as an online web form, accessed via a computer or hand-held device. Pre-populated forms and customizable templates speed the creation and deployment process, with real time look-up to ensure product accuracy.

Expand efficiencies with additional OpenText solutions and value-added services

Integrate Intelligent Web Forms with a suite of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, including Active Catalogue and OpenText Active Invoices with Compliance.

Partner and scale with the global leader in B2B integration

With more than 40 years’ experience in B2B, including compliance with regional and industry standards, organizations trust OpenText for integration excellence. Intelligent Web Forms integrates with OpenText™ Trading Grid™, the world’s largest B2B ecommerce network, to enable global, multi-language support for pervasive community onboarding.

One digital ecosystem for trading partners

Bridge the digital supply chain gap: How-to tips for digital collaboration with non-digital trading partners.

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