Small business EDI

Connect to buyers and vendors with an easy-to-use and affordable small business EDI solution

The road to growth for small and medium-sized businesses can be difficult. Implementing an EDI solution to handle growing order volumes and demands from large trading partners helps attract new customers and stay ahead of the competition.

OpenText™ Freeway Cloud quickly enables B2B connectivity between buyers and vendors. Recommended for small to medium sized businesses, it is a sophisticated, yet affordable, EDI solution that is easy to use, even without prior EDI knowledge.

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OpenText Freeway Cloud overview

OpenText™ Freeway Cloud reduces the manual labor of paper transactions by exchanging transactions via EDI as required by large buyers and vendors. The solution enables B2B connectivity for orders, Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs), invoices, EDI payments and more, without in-house EDI expertise or high levels of staffing.

Freeway Cloud is built on an EDI platform that has been enabling small business B2B connectivity for more than 20 years. With Freeway Cloud, organizations become part of the largest community of B2B trading partners, OpenText™ Business Network, and take advantage of 24/7 technical support and a portfolio of solutions that can grow with their business.

OpenText Freeway Cloud features

Feature-rich EDI solution

Organizes the latest functional capabilities in clear and intuitive dashboards to offer the best user experience. Allows users to manage trading partner locations from a single screen, import/export information easily, electronically request delivery slots and receive electronic confirmations and references.

Powerful any-to-any connectivity

Exchanges any message type using the leading EDI standards, including ANSI, XML, EDIFACT, Tradacom and AS2, and communications protocols, such as IP, FTP and SFTP, to future proof businesses from ongoing standards changes and evolving customer B2B demands.

Pre-built EDI integration library

Connects businesses with their strategic customers, such as Amazon, Costco, Target, CVS, Nordstrom, Walmart and more, using a growing library of pre-built maps and forms. Utilizes the OpenText migration team for setup, testing and training for faster delivery and time to revenue.

Inventory management

Streamlines business processes with cross-docking, drop-shipping and enhanced pick and pack capabilities to better manage and plan inventory, shipping and receiving processes.

Visibility and error reporting

Provides an at-a-glance status check of critical business documents with smart alert functionality and intuitive icons.

Multi-user support

Offers multi-user support for efficient supply chain processes.

“The team at OpenText is very knowledgeable, approachable, and was very helpful during the set-up and since in providing support. We also feel assured that due to its global reach and scale, OpenText will be there today, tomorrow, and well into the future to support us.”

Richard Nuttall, Senior Plant Manager, Nichirin U.K. Limited

OpenText Freeway Cloud benefits

Simplify connectivity and reduce costs

Leverage the cloud and pre-built integrations for a highly affordable solution for B2B connectivity that supports simple to complex business processes.

Become a preferred supplier

Quickly meet buyers and vendors increasing mandates for EDI connectivity and stay ahead of the competition.

Accelerate business growth

Digitize and automate business document processes to reduce workloads, handle increasing order volume and get paid faster, without adding headcount.

Gain actionable insights

Analyze purchasing patterns and identify the highest volume items to ensure stock is on hand. Collect more information for reporting and analysis than possible with time-consuming manual entry.

Improve customer service

Automate time-consuming tasks, avoid error-prone manual entry and identify and fix errors quickly to keep business running smoothly and retail partners happy.

Partner and scale with the global leader in business integration

Leverage OpenText’s business integration experts and portfolio of integration solutions to meet growing technical needs, from enterprise-level B2B connectivity and managed services to application integration and data management.

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