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Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have similar issues to larger enterprise organizations but fewer resources to handle them. The same is true for individual departments and branch offices. Without an abundance of staff, time and budget, it is more difficult to serve customers, increase productivity and decrease costs.

Digital fax solutions for SMBs can deliver the features and functionality to keep business flowing with reliable, secure and efficient communications and easy administration.

OpenText™ XM Fax™ is an enterprise-grade digital fax solution built to handle large fax volumes for small and medium business. Deployable on-premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid solution, XM Fax can be tailored to meet the needs of SMBs, departments and branch offices.

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OpenText XM Fax overview

XM Fax allows employees to easily fax from their desktop, email, business applications, mobile devices and the widest assortment of multi-function printers (MFPs). The best-in-class fax solution for SMBs integrates with and streamlines workflows across the entire organization.

XM Fax is available with multiple deployment options to offer the flexibility to choose a deployment based on resources. Organizations can keep everything onsite as a software install, offload the infrastructure to a secure cloud deployment or take a hybrid approach to keep servers while offloading telephony complexity.

While it’s designed to cater to small and medium-sized business needs, XM Fax is a true enterprise-grade solution also used by large companies. Organizations can rest assured that XM Fax delivers the same high security, reliability and usability demanded by major government organizations, healthcare systems, banks and more.

OpenText XM Fax features

Administration tools and dashboards

Easily manage all users, devices, cover sheets, reports and system configuration with intuitive administrative tools and dashboards.

Flexible payment options

Choose from software licensing, monthly subscription or flexible prepaid credits system to select the model that fits the needs of the organization.

Same UX between deployments

Leverage the same user experience and functionality between on-premises, hybrid or cloud to get the features and deployment organizations want without compromise. Allows organizations to migrate to the cloud later, without retraining end users and administrators.

Audit-ready tracking and reporting

Allow administrators to access full, centralized audit trails of all fax transmissions for compliance and audit readiness. Deliver notifications of transmission status without having to wait next to a fax machine.

Certified connectors and APIs

Integrate with workflows using a wide range of MFP connectors and apps (Xerox, Toshiba, HP, Sharp, Ricoh, Lexmark, eCopy Sharescan), EMR/EHR connectors for healthcare (Epic certified, Allscripts, NextGen), and Microsoft Exchange/Office 365 integration. Ease integration to any backend system or application with extensive API tools.

Simple desktop and mobile faxing

Quickly send faxes from desktops using email, a web client or print-to-fax driver. Fax from phones and tablets with ease using iOS and Android native apps. Digitally deliver inbound faxes directly to a user’s email inbox or XM Fax user account for increased convenience and security.

High availability

Adapt to spikes in demand and leverage built-in high availability and disaster recovery, assuring that XM Fax is always there when needed.

Flexible deployment options

Enjoy the same functionality and user experience with on-premises, cloud and hybrid deployment options.


Choose the installed version to keep software on-premises, managed by an internal IT department and staff. This option connects XM Fax to the telephone network via an internet connection and is perfect for SMBs with an IT staff to manage applications. Offers high availability and disaster recovery.


Leverage the cloud to eliminate server, hardware and software updates. Access via highly secure ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and PCI DSS certified data centers. Purchase either as a subscription or as packs of prepaid credits. Simplify data sovereignty concerns with siloed hosting in the US, Canada and the EU.


Use in a hybrid deployment that combines onsite servers with fax transmission via the cloud, eliminating the hassle, bottlenecks and failures caused by onsite telephony connections. This option is tailored to SMBs who want to maintain control of their servers but let OpenText handle the telephony.

OpenText XM Fax benefits

Integrate across the organization

Integrate quickly and easily with email, MFPs, mobile devices, desktop and back-end applications (including leading EMR/EHR solutions) to empower employees with paperless faxing anywhere they have an internet connection.

Reduce costs

Reduce the costs and hassle of secure information exchange, discarding analog phone lines, MFP fax boards and traditional fax machines, while reducing the use of expensive consumables.

Increase productivity and efficiency

Eliminate complexity by choosing an easy to implement, manage and use solution in a deployment model that best meets organizational needs. Allow staff to send and receive faxes without leaving their desks or in the field using mobile devices.

Increase security and compliance of document exchange

Keep content secure, comply with regulations and establish defensible audit trails for information exchange. XM Fax is designed to reduce compliance risks with a variety of regulations, including HIPAA, GDPR, FERPA and SOX.

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