Small business fax solution

Save time and money with an easy to deploy and easy to adopt small business fax solution

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have similar issues to larger enterprise organizations but fewer resources to handle them. The same is true for individual departments or branch offices. Without an abundance of staff, time and budget, it is more difficult to make sure that imperatives to serve customers, increase productivity and decrease costs are met.

When faxing is important to keep business flowing, a fax solution for SMBs is an alternative to complex fax server implementations for faster deployment, rapid adoption and easier administration.

OpenText RightFax Express is a fax solution right-sized for small business, designed specifically to make faxing an easy and nimble part of day-to-day business. With multiple deployment options, RightFax Express can be tailored to meet the needs of SMBs, departments and branch offices.

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OpenText RightFax Express overview

RightFax Express allows employees to easily fax from their desktop, email, business applications and multi-function printer (MFP) devices. RightFax Express is simple to deploy, easy to integrate and provides a best-in-class fax solution for SMBs that want an affordable fax solution for all employees.

RightFax Express is available with multiple deployment options, providing the flexibility to choose a deployment based on resources. These options offer the choice between a plug-and-play appliance or simple to deploy software installed on an onsite server, using existing telephone networks or the cloud for fax transmission. Each option keeps the fax solution on-premises, offering increased control.

OpenText RightFax Express features

Simple desktop faxing

Quickly send faxes from desktops using email, a web client or print-to-fax driver. Inbound faxes are digitally delivered directly to a user’s email inbox or RightFax Express user account.

Administration tools

Easily manage all users, devices, printers, cover sheets, reports and system configuration with an intuitive administrative tool.

Tracking and reporting

Access full audit trails of all fax transmissions for compliance and audit readiness and receive printed or emailed notifications of transmission status.

Flexible deployment options

Enjoy the same functionality with appliance, on-premises and hybrid deployment options.


Get all of the software and hardware needed to connect RightFax Express in an all-in-one, “plug-and-play” appliance, deployed within minutes by connecting directly to onsite telephony. Ideal for SMBs with limited or no IT staff to manage a new application on their server.


Choose the installed version to keep software on-premises managed by an internal IT department and staff. This option connects RightFax Express to an existing telephone network and is perfect for SMBs with an IT staff to manage applications on a server and telephony connections.


Combine RightFax Express software with OpenText RightFax Connect and transmits faxes via the cloud, avoiding the hassle of managing onsite telephony connections and eliminating bottlenecks and failures caused by onsite telephony connections. This option is tailored to SMBs without the staff, expertise or desire to manage the connection between RightFax Express and the telephone network.

OpenText RightFax Express benefits

Integrate easily

Integrate quickly and easily with email, MFP devices and desktop and back-end applications to empower employees with paperless faxing from their most used applications.

Reduce costs

Reduce the costs and hassle of secure information exchange, while increasing productivity and organizational efficiency, and focus on core competencies without the worry of managing a complex environment.

Increase productivity and efficiency

Eliminate complexity by choosing an easy to implement, manage and use solution in a deployment model that best meets organizational needs.

Increase security and compliance of document exchange

Keep content secure, comply with regulations and establish defensible audit trails for information exchange.

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