Supplier identity and access management

Manage and govern access to internal enterprise resources among external B2B suppliers, contract manufacturers, distributors and logistic carriers.

As today’s businesses rely more heavily on supply chain partners to deliver products and offer expanded services, identity and access management (IAM) solutions need to extend beyond an organization’s own employees. Many companies struggle to provision and manage ‘outside-in’ trading partner user identities. IT teams find it difficult to extend their employee IAM solutions to external users, resulting in limited data access visibility, poor trading partner experiences and unnecessary risk.

The OpenText Identity and Access Management platform was designed from the ground up to manage all identity management use cases—the workforce, customers, and trading partners. The platform uniquely addresses B2B and B2C IAM needs and is the de facto IAM solution for managing complex external identity ecosystems.

Secure IoT data across the connected supply chain

Take a holistic approach to identity and access management (IAM) that governs systems access, connected devices and partners, vendor and customer information.

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What is supplier identity and access management?

Supplier identity and access management establishes, manages and governs the user identities that reside outside of the enterprise among a network of diverse trading partners. Large and complex supplier communities contribute significantly to daily business operations, requiring their users have access to backend systems and data, such as inventory management, warehouse and transport management systems. These users require a different level of access to enterprise information than internal employees, while they must be onboarded and offboarded as efficiently as internal employees. Supplier identity and access management solutions help IT teams manage who has access rights to what information, reducing the risk of a data breach with inappropriate, unmanaged user access rights.

OpenText Supplier Identity and Access Management overview

OpenText Supplier Identity and Access Management allows companies to provision and govern external user access to information and applications through role-based control, regulating access to systems or networks based on the role of each user. Whether offering visibility into who has information access or providing certification, audit and attestation for user identities, OpenText Supplier IAM easily addresses many of the complexities associated with granting data access to users who are not employees.

OpenText Supplier Identity and Access Management features

Identity manager

Manages the identity lifecycle and access management for users outside the enterprise, including suppliers, contractors, logistics carriers and distributors. Rapidly and easily onboards and offboards external users with full control.

Authorization manager

Establishes access and authorization administration, delegation and policy management for all external users. Validates users are who they claim to be and establishes trust across multiple domains with single sign-on.

Identity intelligence

Inspects identity, access and endpoint data and converts it to actionable insights. This is a must-have for companies that must comply with data privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA. It can also be used to port data into Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions.

Directory services

Provides a centralized cloud-based directory, including the capability to integrate and synchronize other user directories and identity-related data.

OpenText Supplier Identity and Access Management benefits

Reduce risk

Offer external users secure and convenient access with multi-factor authentication and single sign-on. Manage user access to data as they change job functions or leave the supplier company.

Enhance the supply chain

Provide secure access for networks of external business users across internal and cloud-based applications, enabling greater collaboration on supply chain business processes.

Reduce complexity for IT teams

Manage the external identity lifecycle from identity creation to access revocation. Federate access management control to supplier user administrators while retaining central control and visibility.

Expand identity management for devices

Establish, deploy and manage an Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.

Scale with a trusted, proven provider

Safeguard investments with an IAM provider that handles all use cases, spanning workforce, consumer, and supplier identities, at massive scale.

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