Supplier information management

Centralize supplier information management for successful trading community initiatives

The right supplier information management solution offers organizations effective supply chain collaboration for their B2B community with centralized, accurate and up-to-date supplier data. It improves efficiency by providing secure access for internal stakeholders and replacing manual processes, such as building spreadsheets, filling in manual scorecards or filing paper reports.

OpenText™ Active Community provides a cloud-based, realtime source of supplier information, including contacts, B2B capabilities, performance and sourcing profiles, to help ensure regulatory compliance and accelerate the onboarding process.  With self-service capabilities extended to the entire community, supplier information is accurate and always current.

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OpenText Active Community overview

OpenText™ Active Community is a fully-hosted solution to enable effective supplier information management. It unifies all partner information into a single comprehensive supplier directory and ensures that data is secure, yet accessible, to authorized parties. Organizations have access to accurate and current contact information with easy-to-use communications tools to increase efficiency when collaborating with supply chain partners. Active Community can also be configured to match current onboarding procedures, workflow processes and community initiatives.

Supplier Information Management Infographic
Supplier Information Management Infographic

OpenText Active Community features

Centralized, secure information

Increases control of information by providing secure access to community attributes with a single, shared view across the organization and supplier ecosystem.

Supplier KPI reporting

Surveys the community for fast information collection and updates and tracks suppliers with KPI reports and alerting.

Regulatory compliance

Polls partners, collects documentation and captures digital signatures to help ensure business partners comply with regulations for anti-bribery (FCPA), conflict minerals (Dodd Frank) or the Consumer Product Safety Information Act (CPSIA).

Corporate Social Responsibility tracking

Tracks supplier receipt and response to offer insights on supplier community compliance with policies, such as greenhouse gas emissions, corporate social responsibility and pandemic readiness.

New vendor registration

Automate and collect all documentation (insurance certificates, bank account numbers, taxpayer IDs) required for new vendors, without faxing, emailing or scanning paper. Offers suppliers a website that guides them through the registration process.


Provides the vendor community with the ability to manage their profile, contacts and other critical information to help eliminate out of date and missing information for more efficient collaboration and issue resolution.

“To fuel continued growth, our company is managing an ever increasing number of strategic supplier and customer development programs. In vendor onboarding programs alone, OpenText Active Community has reduced our ramp-up time from weeks to days, and in some cases, to mere hours.”

Gavin Jeffs, Vice President, O&M Supplier Relations, Owens & Minor

OpenText Active Community benefits

Mitigate business and operational risk

Leverage a single, centralized, realtime source of supplier information, including contacts, B2B capabilities, performance and compliance, to reduce risk and supply chain disruptions.

Increase collaboration and transparency

Gain insight into performance and collaborate with the community for compliance, transparency and sustainability initiatives.

Reduce manual processes and supplier management costs

Enable partners to manage their profile information and receive customized alerts or updates. Communicate and conduct surveys with partners more efficiently.

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