Trading Grid Messaging Service

B2B / EDI Integration

OpenText Trading Grid Messaging Service

Exchange any business document, in any format, securely and efficiently over the world’s largest EDI VAN

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of businesses report a need to optimize their current B2B implementation, which includes upgrading their current VAN to a more powerful network


Learn how the largest EDI VAN ensures secure and efficient document exchange.

OpenText™ Trading Grid™ Messaging Service helps organizations quickly and reliably exchange business documents with their trading community.

Why choose OpenText Trading Grid Messaging Service?

  • The world’s largest business network

    Rely on a platform that processes more than 33 billion B2B transactions every year, accounting for more than $12 trillion in trade.

  • Broadest protocol support

    Replace legacy VANs and outdated EDI tools with a future-proof platform that exchanges any business document, in any data format, with partners around the world.

How Trading Grid Messaging Service can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using OpenText Trading Grid Messaging Service

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  • Lower costs

    Digitize manual transactions on one platform to reduce errors, increase process automation and retire legacy EDI applications.

  • Reduce complexity

    Replace multiple value-added networks and outdated EDI tools with a single solution to streamline operations.

  • Increase productivity

    Enhance the speed and accuracy of transactions, including improved on-time delivery rates.

  • Accelerate onboarding

    Access a global partner directory and quickly connect with new partners to improve agility and diversify supplier sourcing.

  • Improve visibility

    Detect issues early with real-time visibility of all business transactions, including exception alerts and operational and business metrics.

  • Invest in growth

    Leverage investments in continual developments to meet the future needs of any organization.


  • Extensive protocol support

    Allows business partners to connect in their preferred data formats, standards and protocols. to boost the agility and efficiency of B2B operations.

  • Global data centers and support

    Ensures high availability and security across different geographies by leveraging local services with worldwide reach.

  • Single sign-on portal

    Offers a customizable web interface to access all Trading Grid applications plus powerful self-service administration and flexible search tools to simplify platform adoption and management.

  • Embedded visibility

    Provides detailed insight into transaction flows between any system and data source using OpenText Lens.

  • Global partner directory

    Accelerates partner onboarding with extensive search capabilities, including company performance and sustainability details, as well as self-service features.

  • Value-added options

    Access optional SaaS applications, outsource complex and time-consuming direct connections and digitize manual transactions sent by email or fax.

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