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Maintain ethical, compliant and resilient supply chains

Unforeseen events, such as COVID-19, create immediate changes to consumer behavior, buying more of some goods and less of others. Quickly identifying and connecting to new trading partners to meet these new demands, while maintaining ethical practices throughout the supply chain, can be difficult.

OpenText™ Global Partner Directory (GPD) allows supply chain and procurement leaders to search  for new trading partners using comprehensive filters, from product and industry to ethical practices, to maintain continuity and ensuring ethical practices.

A chance to save the planet with sustainable supply chain practices

By 2029, the circular economy will be the only economy

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OpenText Global Partner Directory overview

OpenText™ Global Partner Directory (GPD) is a centralized repository of more than 600,000 trading partners connected to OpenText™ Trading Grid™, the world’s largest cloud-based integration platform. GPD allows companies to search and filter suppliers based on critical supply chain operation demographics, such as industry, location or specific ethical criteria. Once selected, GPD offers a self-service connect and survey capabilities to those suppliers.

OpenText Global Partner Directory features

OpenText Global Partner Directory has some key capabilities which allows companies to quickly identify, connect and establish a trading partner community.

Power of the network

Offers an extensive, pre-connected community to simplify and accelerate the onboarding process.

Compliance monitoring

Monitors trading partner communities, especially important from a compliance and exception management point of view.

Multiple trading partner connectivity options

Electronically connects with trading partners in multiple ways, shielding complexity from GPD users and accelerating trading partner onboarding with minimum fuss.

Integrate with other information sources

Integrates to other third-party information sources to augment the existing trading partner information with details, such as credit worthiness or ethical working practices, for a more complete picture of the trading partners. Example information sources include:

Dunn & Bradstreet

Access Dunn & Bradstreet commercial data, which is updated automatically from 30,000 sources worldwide and offers hierarchical views of companies and their subsidiaries. D-U-N-S Numbers and metadata from Dunn & Bradstreet give businesses a more extensive source of clean, quality corporate data to use in making more informed sourcing decisions.


Monitor trading partners for sustainability performance with company performance across 21 sustainability indicators across four key themes, Environment, Labor & Human Rights and Ethics & Sustainable Procurement. This will allow GPD users to identify and select trading partners based on certain ethical criteria such as whether companies avoid using child labor, are conflict mineral free and do not suffer from fraud of financial irregularities.

OpenText Global Partner Directory Benefits

Accelerate onboarding

Quickly identify new suppliers by leveraging a large consolidated repository of trading partners for faster onboarding and shorter time to market.

Brand protection

Minimize consumer and brand loyalty risk through CSR compliance, leadership and careful supplier selection.

Self-service control

Identify prospective suppliers and make a connectivity request for greater control and efficiency in the onboarding process.

Strategic partner management

Strategically manage who the organization does business with by understanding supplier performance and ethical reputation.

Increase trust and minimize risk

Build a trusted, highly secure and highly available ecosystem with suppliers that are more closely aligned with ethics and working practices.

Move to responsible and sustainable supply chain management

The right tools create green supply chain management and an ethical supply chain

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