Transaction visibility and analytics

Gain insights into transaction flows and trading partner performance to identify and manage exceptions before they impact mission-critical business operations

Business runs on transactions from suppliers, customers, financial institutions, carriers and more. Inaccurate or missing transactions can slow time to revenue, create business continuity risk and impact customer commitments. Organizations need complete visibility into the lifecycle of all transactions to keep business operations running smoothly.

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Transaction visibility and analytics benefits

Improve agility

Leverage realtime alerts to proactively resolve potential problems, minimize production downtime and avoid supply chain disruption.

Optimize business processes

Monitor transaction flows across Procure-to-Pay or Order-to-Cash processes to identify and remove bottlenecks, seamlessly process business transactions and accelerate time to value.

Improve trading partner performance

Identify poorly performing trading partners and reward top performers with new business opportunities.

Gain performance insight

Obtain deeper insights into buy and sell side processes to speed time to market and improve customer satisfaction.

Predict future business performance

Leverage historical transaction information to determine future inventory requirements and supply chain performance.

Improve customer satisfaction

Respond to customer demands faster and provide more accurate answers to order status questions and more.

Transaction and analytics solutions

OpenText™ Business Network offers solutions to help companies obtain greater visibility into their supply chain operations, transaction flows and trading partner performance:

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Unlock the value of the supply chain through embedded analytics

Improve decision making with embedded supply chain analytics solutions for full visibility into the supply chain.

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