Vendor compliance management

Vendor compliance management removes complex, manual processes to streamline supply chain compliance infraction identification and processing

The variety of business rules, partner relationships and warehouse processes make identifying and processing supply chain vendor compliance infractions a complex process. In fact, many retailers are unable to identify and capture a large portion of possible infractions due to their disparate and manual processes.

Whether dealing with infractions, violations, chargebacks, deductions, expense offsets or penalties, OpenText™ Active Intelligence transforms traditional vendor compliance management to improve compliance through collaboration.

OpenText Active Intelligence for vendor compliance overview

OpenText™ Active Intelligence is a vendor compliance management solution that improves the compliance process for retailers. Its advanced business rules engine parses out purchase orders, advance ship notices and invoices and identifies compliance violations within them. With consistent identification of infractions, retailers and suppliers have the visibility to correct them in future orders.

Vendor compliance makes recording manual deductions simple and fast by using an integrated mobile entry form. The mobile solution allows users on the warehouse floor to attach photographs of the infraction, add comments and enter other relevant information. This single entry with full supporting details improves the consistency and accuracy of the assessed deductions, while streamlining the capture process and potentially reducing assessment timelines from 90 days to just 2 days.

OpenText Active Intelligence for vendor compliance features

Infraction identification

Reduce time to capture infractions with mobile capture and mobile-based entry.

Business process management

Ensure accuracy and consistency of infractions with an integrated workflow.

Vendor assessment and notification

Notify vendors of costly data-based shipping errors immediately. Apply deduction or expense offsets if program terms include them.

Vendor dispute management

Improve communications and improve vendor relationships in a single, collaborative dispute management environment.


Identify problematic processes and vendors with dynamic visibility tools into supplier performance with scorecards, reporting and complete non-compliance details.

“We went from a three-month turnaround of correspondence with suppliers to 72 hours with Active Intelligence.”

Ken Lettre, Vice President of Compliance and Vendor Relations, Stage Stores

OpenText Active Intelligence for vendor compliance benefits

Improve efficiency

Greatly reduce time to assess supplier non-compliance.

Increase supplier visibility

Gain supplier confidence with a consistent and accurate vendor compliance program.

Simplify chargebacks

Offset expenses from non-compliant shipments and B2B document data from suppliers.

Improve supplier communications

Leverage a collaborative and open dispute management process to improve communications and supplier relationships.

Boost supplier performance

Increase the amount of store-ready product that is shipped from the supplier.

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