Workforce identity and access management

Manage and govern employee identity and access to data and systems across the enterprise

The importance of employee identity and access management (IAM) has forced IT teams to balance quick, easy access to information with enterprise-grade data security. From provisioning a new employee to IT systems to managing access to the ever-growing landscape of cloud applications, IAM is more complex than ever. IT teams need to employ identity lifecycle management in realtime for thousands of employees with different and constantly changing levels of permissions.

Secure IoT data across the connected supply chain

Take a holistic approach to identity and access management (IAM) that governs systems access, connected devices and partners, vendor and customer information.

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OpenText Workforce Identity and Access Management overview

The OpenText Identity and Access Management (IAM) Platform governs employee access to information through role-based control, regulating access to systems or networks based on each user. OpenText IAM addresses many common challenges associated with providing employee access to corporate information resources, such as identity governance and administration, by offering visibility into who is accessing information with certification, audit and attestation for user identities.

Learn how automating secure access to on-premises and cloud resources protects against the #1 source of enterprise data breaches, “trusted” third-parties

OpenText Workforce Identity and Access Management features

Identity manager

Manages comprehensive identity lifecycle and employee access management across the complex enterprise ecosystem for everything in the identity lifecycle, such as SSO, multi-factor authentication (MFA), password and policy management.

Authorization manager

Establishes employee access and authorization administration, delegation and policy management. Validates user identities and establishes trust across multiple domains with single sign-on. Includes audit and attestation, attribute-based authorization, complex workflows and delegation and secure token services.

Identity intelligence

Inspects and converts employee identity, access and endpoint data into actionable information and insights. This is a must-have for companies that might need to show employee compliance with data privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, and helps IT teams with account linking, standard reports, API-driven reports and threat policies with SIEM integration.

Directory services and workforce directory synchronization

Provides a centralized cloud-based directory that integrates and synchronizes other workforce directories and identity-related data, including native integration with OpenText on-premises applications to quickly support “workforce-to-cloud” scenarios and connect external users with enterprise content. Includes a messaging service for data publishing and subscribing, identity synchronization and verification across different ID stores and enables environments, such as cloud-to-cloud-to-cloud authentication.

OpenText Workforce Identity & Access Management benefits

Simplify connections

Reduce the time employees need to securely connect to the most commonly used applications to perform their job functions, including cloud apps, such as Azure, Office 365 and Salesforce.

Balance data access and security

Provide the workforce with secure and convenient access using multi-factor authentication and single sign-on from any access point.

Reduce complexity for IT teams

Streamline management and control of the identity lifecycle, from identity creation to access revocation.

Scale with a trusted, proven provider

Safeguard investments with an IAM provider that handles all use cases, spanning workforce, consumer, and supplier identities on a single platform and at massive scale.

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