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Establish a business to anything integration platform.

OpenText™ Business Network Cloud provides business to anything (B2A) integration solutions that help securely connect data to people, systems and things. Business Network Cloud offers frictionless information exchange, end-to-end business visibility and extensive collaboration with a single digital backbone across business ecosystems.

How Business Network Cloud can benefit business

  • Automate information flows

    Implement an end-to-end digital backbone that seamlessly connects external business environments to internal business systems.

  • Accelerate supply chain digitization

    Leverage a pre-connected network of more than 1 million companies to accelerate new trading partner onboarding anywhere in the world.

  • Improve visibility

    Obtain real-time insights across all internal and external data flows to help improve process optimization and overall business operations efficiency.

  • Strengthen end-to-end customer experiences

    Provide the flexibility and scalability to support changing customer requirements or address dynamic market conditions with a cloud-based integration environment.

Featured products

Hybrid Integration Platform

Accelerate business integration across an extended digital ecosystem

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Supply Chain Optimization

Leverage B2B transaction data to optimize end-to-end supply chain processes

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B2B/EDI Integration

Simplify B2B connectivity and exchange any type of business document with trading partners

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Secure & Connected Ecosystems

Securely connect people, systems and things across the digital ecosystem

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Why choose Business Network Cloud?

  • The largest business network

    Tap into the power of more than 1 million pre-connected trading partners exchanging 26 billion transactions with a collective value of $9 trillion.

  • Unified integration platform

    Leverage a single integration backbone that underpins digital transformation initiatives and serves as a platform for future business growth.

  • Secure connections

    Assign digital identities to enhance collaboration, prevent data breaches and improve business ecosystem security.

  • Improved business insights

    Aggregate information flows across a common integration environment to provide real-time insights into business operations.

Leaders trust OpenText

See how customers are succeeding with Business Network Cloud.

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