B2B connectivity

Simplify B2B connectivity and exchange any type of business document with trading partners

Trading digitally with suppliers and customers cuts costs and increases revenue. It improves business efficiency, increases agility and enhances the customer experience. However, the many different and ever-changing electronic document types, communications protocols and industry and regulatory standards make it costly and complex for IT teams to keep up.

OpenText™ Business Network offers B2B connectivity solutions that range from getting started with digital commerce to consolidating and modernizing a global B2B infrastructure.

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OpenText B2B connectivity features

Pre-connected community

Leverages a network of pre-connected trading partners, maps and forms to speed time to market and value.

Transaction analytics

Analyzes purchasing patterns and identifies meaningful business insights, such as highest volume items. Collects more information for reporting and analysis than possible with time-consuming manual entry.

Any-to-any connectivity

Provides any-to-any data format transformation with robust data validation through an advanced integration and translation engine, supporting diverse B2B vertical industry and regional standards as well as all major communication protocols.


Offers protection and integrity at every level, including user authentication, non-repudiation, physical security, data encryption and ongoing security audits.

OpenText B2B connectivity benefits

Reduce costs

Reach all trading partners and send information in any format via a single connection, lowering costs on average by 40% compared to in-house tools.

Become a preferred supplier

Quickly meet buyer and vendor EDI connectivity requirements and stay ahead of the competition.

Improve customer service

Automate time-consuming tasks, avoid error-prone manual entry and identify and fix errors quickly to keep business running smoothly and customers happy.

Accelerate business performance

Reduce workload with automated supply chain document flow to build business agility and accelerate time to revenue.

Partner and scale with the global leader in B2B integration

Leverage a partner with more than 40 years’ experience providing reliable B2B connectivity services to connect customers and suppliers quickly using proven best practices.

OpenText B2B connectivity solutions

Business Network solutions help companies get started doing business electronically or upgrade and modernize their current environment with a foundational B2B platform:

For advanced B2B connectivity, Business Network solutions establish the necessary digital backbone for streamlined connectivity, secure collaboration and realtime business intelligence across an expanding network of internal systems, cloud applications, trading partner systems and connected devices:

  • B2B integration

    OpenText™ B2B Managed Services offers a repeatable, proven people–process–technology model that extends the IT team while improving business process optimization.

    Offload B2B complexity

    Offload complexity with B2B integration
  • Managed integration services

    OpenText Managed Integration Services take care of all data integration and data management needs so organizations can focus on their core mission—not integration complexity.

    Offload integration complexity

    Offload integration complexity with managed integration services
  • Supply chain optimization

    OpenText supply chain optimization solutions help companies build flexible supply chain ecosystems that are agile and responsive to rapidly changing customer and market demands.

    Automate processes

    Automate processes with supply chain optimization
  • Integration software solutions

    OpenText integration software solutions deliver on-premises control and security for B2B and application integration, data translation and managed file transfer (MFT).

    Drive integration efficiency

    Drive efficiency with integration software solutions
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