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Simplify B2B connectivity and exchange any type of business document with trading partners

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of companies continue to exchange business documents using manual methods such as email, fax or other method requiring data to be manually entered


Learn how to connect, optimize and grow business with the world’s largest VAN

OpenText™ operates the world’s largest Value Added Network, with more than 1.1 million connected trading partners conducting over 33 billion transactions totaling $12 trillion each year. Securely and reliably exchange nearly any type of business document, in any format, with trading partners located anywhere in the world.

How OpenText B2B/EDI integration can benefit business

  • Reduce costs

    Eliminate manual paper-based processes, reach all trading partners and exchange information in any format via a single connection to save time and money.

  • Improve customer service

    Automate time-consuming tasks, avoid error-prone manual entry and identify and fix errors quickly to keep operations running smoothly and customers happy.

  • Partner and scale faster

    Leverage the leading B2B/EDI integration network to quickly connect partners, meet buyer and vendor EDI connectivity requirements and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Accelerate business performance

    Build business agility and accelerate time to revenue with automated supply chain document flows that reduce workloads.

  • Build a future-proof digital backbone

    Digitize all information flows to increase resilience against future business disruptions and support business growth.

Featured products

Establish a digital backbone that helps any size company streamline connectivity, enable secure collaboration, obtain realtime business insights and digitize information flows across the business ecosystem.

OpenText™ Trading Grid™ Messaging Service

Exchange any business document, in any format, securely and efficiently over the world’s largest EDI VAN

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OpenText™ BizManager™

Exchange virtually any type or size document within a single B2B gateway

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OpenText™ Freeway Professional

Easily connect to buyers and vendors with a cost effective small business EDI solution

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OpenText™ Contivo™

Reduce the time, effort and costs of enterprise integration with a smarter approach to data transformation

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OpenText™ Lens™

Get end-to-end visibility into integrated data flows

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OpenText™ STP Hub

Reduce manual work and minimize operational risk with automated end-to-end processing

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OpenText™ SWIFT Service Bureau

Eliminate global financial transaction communication barriers

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