Clinical lab integration

Simplify lab and EMR integration to enhance patient diagnosis and treatment

Diagnostic lab and imaging centers are faced with lab integration and interoperability challenges. Rapid, functional and secure connectivity to clinics and their respective electronic medical records (EMRs) is required for efficiency. But, the variations of EMR systems used by clinicians can hamper, if not derail, uniform and optimal electronic order submission and results delivery. A shortage of technical resources, skillsets and budgets further complicate a consistent approach to lab integration and the receipt of clean and complete orders from clinics.

OpenText™ EMR-Link™ delivers a cost-effective unified approach to EMR integration and lab outreach. EMR-Link provides the consistent connectivity that labs and imaging centers require and handles the complexity, manpower and monitoring requirements on behalf of the diagnostic center. EMR-Link helps integrate faster, with fewer resources and at a lower cost.

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OpenText EMR-Link overview

EMR-Link offers diagnostic lab interoperability by enabling electronic orders and results workflow between lab and imaging centers and their ordering physician practices. EMR-Link is delivered as a managed service by OpenText experts, supporting a single, unified connection from a lab to any clinic and any EMR application.

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