Digital fax

Modernize fax to increase productivity and reduce costs

Fax has evolved from a physical, paper-based device to powerful enterprise technology. Digital fax is a secure, trackable and auditable form of information exchange that is easy to use, cost effective and integrates with enterprise applications.

Today’s digital fax technology eliminates standalone fax machines and other disparate, unreliable fax methods to enable centralized efaxing from the desktop, within email and between back-end applications.

OpenText digital fax solutions are Epic certified and available in App Orchard, enabling paperless, easy-to-use digital faxing that reduces costs and increases HIPAA compliance.

OpenText is the most trusted provider of digital fax solutions that offers every deployment option, on-premises, cloud-based, hybrid or as a fully managed service, to meet today’s needs and evolve to tomorrow’s requirements.

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OpenText digital fax overview

Organizations leverage OpenText to build a robust and secure communication ecosystem that is integrated and automated with desktop and enterprise applications. OpenText offers a complete suite of solutions with flexible deployment and integration options that meet mission-critical information exchange demands.

OpenText digital fax solutions redefine and modernize faxing to automate time-intensive, manual, document-driven processes, saving time, resources and cost.

OpenText digital fax features

Flexible deployment options

Offers multiple deployment options, including fully managed services, on-premises, hybrid and cloud, to meet current and future requirements.

Modern, scalable solutions

Ensures business continuity with ultra-high availability and scales up or down, as needed, on-premises or in the OpenText Cloud.

Pervasive integrations

Includes packaged integrations to enterprise applications that are configurable to streamline fax-dependent business processes.

Rich integrations for EHR-agnostic content exchange

Delivers any type of document as a fax or wrapped in a structured format to and from any EHR system and offers the most pre-built integrations on the market.

Visibility and analytics

Optimizes faxing with rich out-of-the box reporting and analytics for both historic and current exchanges.

Conversion to structured data

Extracts fax document content with capture technology to further automate and optimize business processes.

OpenText digital fax benefits

Increase user and workflow productivity

Integrate with email and desktop applications for fast and easy efaxing in familiar user environments.

Accelerate time to revenue

Integrate with enterprise applications and automate paper-based, manual fax processes to shorten business cycles.

Reduce cost

Digitize manual, paper-based information exchange to reduce errors and the costs to resolve them. Eliminate the cost of managing and maintaining standalone fax machines, including dedicated analog lines for each machine.

Ensure compliance

Comply with customer, industry and data privacy mandates. Increase security and auditability of messaging and information access. Support regulatory requirements with out-of-the box compliance configurations for HIPAA and PCI-DSS to further reduce risk.

Improve customer satisfaction

Increase the speed of transactions through consistent, reliable and secure fax communications.

OpenText digital fax solutions

  • Enterprise fax server

    OpenText™ RightFax™ is a scalable fax server solution that integrates with the industry applications that power business processes to increase security and decrease costs.

    Modernize enterprise fax

    Modernize enterprise fax server
  • Cloud fax services

    OpenText™ Fax2Mail™ is an enterprise cloud fax service that simplifies desktop faxing, while reducing the cost and complexity of managing onsite hardware, software and telephony.

    Simplify desktop faxing

    Simplify desktop faxing with cloud fax services
  • Fax managed services

    OpenText™ RightFax™ Managed Services combines RightFax technology with OpenText experts, hosted in an OpenText data center or a third-party cloud application.

    Offload on-premises fax complexity

    Offload on-premises fax complexity with fax managed services
  • Small business fax solutions

    OpenText™ XM Fax™ is an enterprise-grade digital fax solution built to handle large fax volumes for small and medium business.

    Choose flexible options

    Small business fax solutions

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