File transfer service

Enable the seamless exchange of any business document type between trading partners

Today’s supply chains are increasingly global and complex, challenging companies to collaborate efficiently with diverse trading partners. Companies need a secure way to exchange mission critical business documents across a globally dispersed trading partner community to drive business process efficiency, visibility and agility.

OpenText File Transfer Service allows companies to easily and securely exchange any type of non-EDI business document among trading partners.

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OpenText File Transfer Service overview

File Transfer Service (FTS), available with OpenText™ B2B Managed Services and accessible via OpenText™ Trading Grid™ Online, enables non-EDI file exchange capabilities with trading partners. FTS can be embedded and branded as an integrated service within a customer’s own business applications and portals. Any file exchanged through FTS can be monitored through OpenText™ Active Documents for end-to-end information exchange visibility and monitoring.

OpenText File Transfer Service features

File upload/download

Simplifies collaboration with an easy to use interface for file selection and exchange. The user interface can be customized with a company’s logo to create a seamless customer or supplier experience.

Flexible document exchange

Allows any non-EDI business document to be exchanged between parties. Business rules provide added security, such as blocking the exchange of security vulnerable executable (.exe) files.

Document monitoring

Monitors all document exchanges through Active Documents, ensuring adherence to business processes. Any file exchange issue is easily identified and resolved.

Translation services

Translates any document type into another format as required for data integration.

White label capability

Integrates with any business application to ensure a more consistent user experience when exchanging business documents between parties.

Document audit

Tracks business documents, confirming file delivery, receipt and user download for improved audit and control.

OpenText File Transfer Service benefits

Extended collaboration

Seamlessly integrate with OpenText B2B environments and utilize a single file sharing platform to exchange non-EDI documents across a trading partner community.

Enhanced security

Leverage the OpenText™ Business Network data center infrastructure and strict security and data management standards, such as ISO27001.

Digitized business processes

Use cloud-based file translation capabilities to enable data to pass seamlessly between disparate business applications without manual reentry.

Improved experience

Brand and configure the user interface to deliver a seamless user experience for customers and vendors.

Other related solutions

Supports traditional order management and offers full visibility into supply chain transactions for digital and non-digital suppliers.

Allows a company to digitize paper-based forms and enables small to medium sized companies to exchange business documents through a web browser.

Enables a company’s small- to medium-sized business (SMB) trading partners and corporates to use a secure folder-based application to send business documents directly to the OpenText™ Trading Grid network.

Offers end-to-end lifecycle visibility and management of B2B transactions, with customized reporting to spot and manage issues before they affect business.

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