Global e-invoicing compliance

Simplify e-invoicing compliance to meet regulations in more than 45 countries

Complying with global e-invoicing regulations is one of the most complex processes companies and their trading partners face. When working with trading partners around the world, whether in Europe, Asia or Latin America, organizations need to adopt e-invoicing processes to reduce risk. Every country processes e-invoices differently, from applying different levels of Value Added Tax (VAT), to archiving invoices for a prescribed period, to applying digital signatures. This process is further complicated by some governments mandating the use of e-invoices to conduct business in their country.

OpenText Active Invoices with Compliance replaces e-invoicing software with a cloud-based, electronic invoicing compliance solution that provides both buying and selling organizations with technology and services to automate e-invoicing and compliance for more than 45 countries.

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OpenText Active Invoices with Compliance overview

Active Invoices with Compliance offers validation, digital signature, archiving and e-invoice delivery, by EDI, XML and email, with a simple, intuitive web portal for employee and auditor archive access.

OpenText Active Invoices with Compliance features

Digitize manual processes

Obtain the highest level of digitization with a solution for PDF invoices received via email and by utilizing OpenText Community Onboarding for EDI-based partners.

Data validation

Validates data to ensure it meets government regulatory requirements on a per-country basis, today and as regulations evolve.


Delivers e-invoices from the seller to the buyer through legal means as defined by each country and delivers to tax authorities of more than 45 countries using mandated formats and protocols.

Archiving and audit

Archives and provides audit access for the required period of time. Supports advanced search, invoice-related document upload and download and search result export.

Integrity and authenticity

Supports digital signatures to guarantee e-invoices come from the claimed source and have not been altered.

Global compliance support

Stay ahead of changing government mandated e-invoice regulations with support for more than 45 countries worldwide.

Michelin achieves flexibility and scalability to support their global operation

OpenText Active Invoices with Compliance benefits

Comply with B2B, B2C and B2G transaction regulations

Ensure compliance with e-invoicing regulations for more than 45 countries.

Align with corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives

Remove paper-based invoices from procurement processes to reduce the organization’s carbon footprint.

Integrate with ERP and SRM applications

Send e-invoices, even paper-based, directly into back-end enterprise applications without rework, allowing downstream systems to operate more efficiently.

Automate processes to reduce errors and improve efficiency

Reduce manual rework of paper-based invoices and avoid re-keying errors, decreasing invoice processing time and improving end-to-end process accuracy.

Improve cash flow management

Accelerate invoice processing to get paid faster and improve cash flow.

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