Hybrid fax

Simplify OpenText RightFax implementations with cloud fax services

Connecting OpenText™ RightFax™ to an existing telephony infrastructure is the most complex step in an on-premises fax server deployment, and the most common point of failure. Hybrid faxing simplifies RightFax deployments and eliminates the cost and time to configure, troubleshoot and maintain fax boards, gateways, channels and phone and fax over IP lines.

With an ever-increasing push to the cloud, many RightFax customers want the control of an on-premises RightFax server balanced with the simplicity and flexibility of the cloud. Hybrid faxing combines RightFax with OpenText™ RightFax Connect, the only cloud fax service guaranteed to provide complete end-to-end visibility for RightFax, backed by the scale and reliability of the OpenText Cloud.

Simplify your RightFax environment

Reduce costs with hybrid faxing.

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OpenText RightFax Connect overview

RightFax Connect is a cloud-based fax transmission service built specifically for RightFax. Onsite telephony and fax over IP are prone to transmission errors, failures and capacity constraints. By moving fax telephony to the cloud, organizations benefit from scalable, reliable transmissions for RightFax. And, because the RightFax software remains unchanged, the user experience and integrations with other software applications and devices is not impacted.

OpenText RightFax Connect features

Scalable fax capacity

Eliminates capacity constraints and bottlenecks caused by fax channel limitations with the scalability of the cloud.

On-demand fax numbers

Enables users to select new fax numbers from a pool of pre-provisioned numbers, available for immediate assignment and use.

Number porting

Ports existing numbers and tracks porting status easily with the OpenText Number Porting Automation tool. Unlike other providers, organizations can keep fax numbers if they leave the service, including new ones.

Failover and disaster recovery between data centers

Leverages the world’s largest network for high availability faxing with four geographically dispersed data centers and nine additional points-of-presence around the globe.

Detailed auditability

Tracks all stages of the fax’s lifecycle, including assigning a job ID to the fax transmission for full end-to-end visibility and traceability.

“While there are a plethora of faxing vendors on the market, we chose OpenText RightFax because it is best-in-class for integrations, scalability and value. OpenText provided a level of integration into our Epic and NextGen EHR systems that we simply couldn’t get with other fax vendor offerings.”

Paul Matthews, Chief Technology Officer, OCHIN

OpenText RightFax Connect benefits

Simplify RightFax

Replace telephony complexity, bottlenecks and failures with reliable, secure cloud fax delivery.

Reduce cost

Eliminate the cost and hassle of managing and maintaining internal fax infrastructure, including fax machines, software fees and telecoms charges.

Gain control and flexibility

Balance the control of an on-premises RightFax server with the simplicity and flexibility of the cloud with a hybrid deployment.

Improve scalability and availability of services

Ensure fax delivery with no busy signal or capacity restraints and utilize automatic failover between OpenText data centers for maximum service availability.

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