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Focus on core business initiatives, not the complexity and constant change of integration requirements

Data integration and management are critical to support business processes across the enterprise. Data that is locked in disparate applications cannot be leveraged to support rapidly changing business needs. IT struggles to keep pace with the data integration and visibility demands across the business, whether Marketing, Sales, Finance or Human Resources.

As more applications move to the cloud, integrating and managing information across multiple data silos grows more cumbersome, while the need to leverage that information for new services and competitive differentiation grows more important.

OpenText™ Integration Managed Services takes care of data integration and management needs so organizations can focus on their core mission—not integration complexity.

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OpenText Integration Managed Services overview

OpenText Integration Managed Services takes care of all enterprise integration needs, enabling the organization to focus on growth and innovation. A global integration platform is coupled with OpenText experts who implement integration best practices to deliver a complete solution for unlocking value and insights from data. Integration Managed Services enables IT teams to become agile and responsive to business needs and remain focused on strategic initiatives.

OpenText Integration Managed Services features

Any-to-any integration

Ensures any data can flow seamlessly to people, applications and devices with the broadest protocol and standards support available, including regional, industry and technology standards support.

Unified solution

Manages integration needs today and into the future with a single unified solution for greater visibility and control. Supports integration between any data endpoint across all scenarios, whether business to business (B2B), application to application (A2A) or devices and people.

Modern, global infrastructure

Solves complex data integration and data management challenges using a global, multi-tenant, cloud-native microservices platform. Ensures business continuity and scales up or down as needed with ultra-high availability around the globe. Meets regional data security and regulatory requirements to reach markets quickly in full compliance.

Tailored solutions

Combines custom, data-inspired solutions with a microservices architecture of reusable building blocks to meet specific business and department requirements, such as a 360-degree view of customers or suppliers.

Expertise and best practices

Supplies experts and proven processes for integration projects, ensuring initiatives are delivered on time and with a return on investment.

User enablement and control

Expands user self service capabilities, mobility, peer file sharing and onboarding with any-to-any connectivity.

Visibility and analytics

Consolidates data visibility across the enterprise and to trading partner systems for complete, end-to-end visibility and insights. Helps identify risk and opportunities earlier.

Pre-connected community

Leverages the power and reach of a global trading community of more than 1,000,000 businesses to accelerate time to market and time to value.

Packaged SaaS applications

Offers a comprehensive suite of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to optimize common business processes, including order management, e-Invoicing and shipment track and trace.

OpenText Integration Managed Services benefits

Consolidate data and processes

Leverage a digital business integration platform across all data sources, for all business processes. Overcome integration islands and break down data silos for end-to-end visibility into operational performance, customer satisfaction, market opportunity and more.

Modernize legacy applications

Adopt a proven cloud platform that future proofs business from ongoing change and regulatory requirements, such as data security, data privacy, new protocols and more. Gain immediate access to leading technology and ongoing innovation in the OpenText Cloud. Transform from legacy to modern cloud-native solutions with greater agility and efficiency.

Accelerate time to value

Use existing connectivity and repeatable best practices to speed integration initiatives and the business programs they support. Remove the backlog of IT requests that are impacting business agility and growth.

Reduce cost

Reduce time and costs associated with manual data processing as well as errors involved in processing business documents. Reduce cost by an average of 20-40% compared to managing integration in-house.

Focus on strategic initiatives

Leverage OpenText expertise and decades of best practices experience to meet business and technology needs today and future proof as they evolve. Focus on core business initiatives, not the constant change and complexity of integration.

Future proof the business

Adopt a service model that delivers ongoing innovation and evolves with market and regulatory changes. Support new protocols, standards and security rules as they are introduced, removing integration as a barrier to insight or growth.

Improve insight for decision making

Unlock the value from data to predict and avoid business disruptions, mitigate risk and spot opportunities, manage the business by exception to focus on what matters most.

OpenText Integration Managed Services solutions

Achieve any-to-any data integration​

Reduce integration costs and risks, improve data visibility and enhance business agility.

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