Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) Qualified Registry

OpenText Qualified Registry maximizes performance incentives and avoids penalties for all your Medicare reporting

Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) ties payments to quality and cost-efficient care, driving improvement in care processes and health outcomes and reducing the cost of care. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) payments to clinicians are increased or decreased based on a quality performance score—a key incentive for clinical participation.

OpenText MIPS Health Registry analyzes billing and clinical data to identify measure-eligible encounters and performance.

OpenText MIPS Health Quality Registry overview

OpenText MIPS Health Quality Registry is a secure portal that helps healthcare providers comply with Medicare reporting requirements, avoid penalties and maximize incentive payments. The solution provides extensive performance reporting capabilities, allowing healthcare providers to identify performance gaps and gain insight for corrective action to meet payment incentive plans.

OpenText MIPS Health Quality Registry helps qualify for payment incentives for Medicare patients and provides a range of data entry, upload and analytic services to maximize provider payment incentives.

OpenText MIPS Health Quality Registry features

Support for individual clinicians and groups

Offers reporting as an individual provider or as a group in a single solution.

Data Analysis

Calculates denominators and performance using advanced analytics capabilities.

Consulting Services

Leverages OpenText expertise to report optimal results, whether selecting measures, analyzing data or optimizing protocols.

Quality Reports

Provides performance at a glance to identify patients not at goal or accelerate quality initiatives with measurable data.

Comprehensive MIPS Categories

Combines report quality, IA and PI measures, including exceptions, to consolidate total scores in a single solution.

Secure data upload

Uploads patient, measure or encounter data securely for rapid results.

OpenText MIPS Health Quality Registry benefits

Reporting compliance

Comply with reporting mandates to avoid penalties and qualify for performance incentives.

Improve patient outcomes

View care performance throughout the reporting period, including gaps in care, and identify patients who have not reached their goal.

Reduce workload and ensure accuracy

Improve data analysis and insights to report the right results.

Reduce cost

Report all assessment categories in one place with a comprehensive solution.

OpenText MIPS Health Qualified Registry solutions

MIPS Quality Registry

Enter patient data and report results.

MIPS Enterprise

Get data analysis and reporting in one solution.

MIPS Quality for EHR

Report data directly from an EHR application to CMS on behalf of the organization.

Improvement Activities

Report the Improvement Activities (IA) category on behalf of clinicians or groups.

Promoting Interoperability

Report the Promoting Interoperability (PI) category on behalf of clinicians or groups.

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