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Secure & Connected Ecosystems

Securely connect people, systems and things across the digital ecosystem

of U.S. organizations suffered a breach in the past 12 months as a result of weakness in their supply chain


Improve visibility of shipments as they move across the end-to-end supply chain

OpenText™ Business Network offers a range of solutions that use an identity-centric approach to securely connect people, systems and things across the extended business ecosystem. Whether establishing a connected IoT digital twin or providing secure access to external stakeholders or transient users, OpenText offers a secure and collaborative environment to suit all business needs.

How OpenText Secure and Connected Ecosystems can benefit business

  • Improve security

    Ensure people, systems and things are who they say they are before providing access to enterprise information or connected devices.

  • Achieve greater ROI

    Safeguard investments with a platform that can scale to suit changing business needs and more effectively manage new digital identities.

  • Enhance collaboration across the value chain

    Provide external business users secure access to internal business systems, such as ERP or CRM, to facilitate deeper collaboration.

  • Reduce complexity for IT teams

    Manage the full identity lifecycle, from identity creation to access revocation, even for transient users requiring infrequent onboarding and offboarding.

Featured products

Apply an identity-centric approach to enterprise information, business information or sensor data access for internal and external stakeholders.

OpenText™ Identity and Access Management

Securely connect external ecosystems to enterprise and cloud IAM resources to drive growth

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OpenText™ Active Access

Streamline trading partner collaboration and engagement throughout the extended enterprise

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OpenText™ Internet of Things

Gain operational efficiencies, improve asset availability and leverage shipment insights

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OpenText™ Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)

Maximize performance incentives and avoid penalties for Medicare reporting

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