Treasury management solutions

Seamlessly conduct transactions across all banks for a single view into cash management

Treasury is increasingly a strategic contributor to the business. Corporate treasury departments juggle multiple priorities, including maintaining liquidity, optimizing cash, securing finance, controlling risk and managing bank relationships. Complete, timely and accurate financial data, such as payment instructions, lockbox reports, intraday files, foreign exchange trades and securities confirmations, are essential to monitor and manage an organization’s financial health. However, corporate treasury departments struggle to automate and integrate the cash position, interest rate, payables, receivables and foreign exchange rate data they need, with many still using spreadsheets, bank portals and other manual methods.

OpenText™ Business Network offers a comprehensive Corporate-to-Bank integration solution that enables companies to offload complex treasury integration requirements and ensure the seamless flow of financial transactions.

OpenText Treasury Management solution overview

OpenText Treasury Management solution offers a range of integration options that transform treasury into a strategic function of the business. Solutions help organizations overcome common barriers to digital transformation in treasury, including payments complexity, regional and local bank connectivity and data format integrations from checks to ACH. Transaction automation offers cash visibility, faster settlements, straight through processing and bank reconciliation for cost savings, improved controls and fraud prevention.

OpenText Treasury Management solution features

Integration flexibility

Supports multiple integration scenarios, including direct host-to-host integration, SWIFT network integration and a hybrid approach of direct and SWIFT.

Message translation and transformation

Provides the flexibility to exchange information in a bank’s preferred file formats, network protocols and security standards, without in-house data translation. Message format transformation supports NACHA, BACS, SEPA, ISO20022 and more.

Data aggregation, enrichment and validation

Aggregates data from multiple sources and combines transactions into a single file before processing. Data can be augmented with additional information, such as bank identifier codes or international bank account numbers. Inbound messages can be pre-processed to validate against treasury management standards before distribution.

Client delivery services

Offers full managed services for bank connectivity, protocol mediation, file transfer, messaging, data transformation and day to day operation of technical infrastructure.

“By being able to centralize file exchange with our business partners with OpenText B2B Managed Services, we have improved business partner satisfaction, reduced the burden on our systems infrastructure and reduced the time for introducing our services internationally.”

Satoshi Hijikata, International Systems Development Dept., JCB

OpenText Treasury Management solution benefits

Achieve complete visibility

Consolidate banking relationships to aggregate data more easily, quickly and frequently for complete visibility into cash management and savings opportunities.

Improve straight-through-processing

Eliminate web portal downloads and manual intervention with centralized bank connectivity.

Optimize cash flow

Reduce cash conversion cycles, automate cash application and implement electronic invoicing to optimize cash flow.

Reduce banking costs and complexity

Simplify fee structures, eliminate redundant services and reduce complexity with fewer banking relationships to manage.

Improve working capital management

Improve flow and streamline payments and collections to contribute to working capital efficiency.

Reduce operational risk

Rationalize bank accounts to improve reconciliation, increase control of bank relationships and enable standardized payment initiation processes.

Enhance regulatory compliance

Reduce manual reconciliation and data aggregation to improve audit compliance.

Monitor global liquidity

Increase cash visibility to support in-house bank with netting and pooling of cash, decreasing the need for external funding. Global coverage supports banking relationships across all regions. Monitoring and alerting supports management by exception and fraud prevention.

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